‘The Flash’: Who is Grant Gustin’s Wife, Dr. LA Thoma Gustin?

Savitar, Zoom, Mirror Master, and of course, Reverse Flash are some of the most exciting villains from The Flash. Their evil plans make for riveting action, suspense, and thrills, but tend to suck any chance for romance right out of the room. In fact, in season 6, it seems that Barry and Iris West Allen, who are relative newlyweds, have spent more time apart than ever before.

Unlike his speedster alter ego, the actor who plays The Flash, Grant Gustin, appears to carve out plenty of time for his real-life wife, Dr. LA Thoma Gustin. Here’s the scoop on who she is and how long the Gustins have been married.

Grant Gustin and Andrea "LA" Thoma
Grant Gustin and Andrea “LA” Thoma | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Grant Gustin and Dr. LA Thoma Gustin, super couple

The Gustins’ romance thrives in their own personal corner of the world, nestled cozily between the Arrowverse and the fitness realm. While Gustin plays a super hero on television, Thoma Gustin’s profession involves helping others stay fit. They announced their engagement on Instagram in April of 2017. In the post, the smiling couple embraced on a beach, with Thoma sporting new bling on her ring finger.

In December of 2018, wedding bells rang for the Gustins in a 1920s-era venue, as reported by People. According to the outlet, at least two Arrowverse stars made the wedding guest list, with Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood in the mix.

Since their wedding, they have maintained a social media presence, giving fans a peek into their lifestyles. They reveal tidbits about their home life, adventures they embark upon elsewhere, and highlights from Thoma Gustin’s livelihood.

Dr. LA Thoma Gustin, wellness champion

Dr. Thoma Gustin has created a thriving career out of her passion for health and fitness. The former Division 1 soccer player is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy who shares her knowledge and expertise with followers on social media.

“I am hoping that by showing people how easy it is to become active, we can start to change the world, save lives, and feel good about ourselves all at the same time,” wrote Thoma Gustin on her YouTube channel. The fitness guru has produced a unique collection of video content relating to physical wellness topics, including posture, pregnancy exercises, and getting fit. Thoma Gustin has also shared a series of live quarantine workouts that can help fitness enthusiasts stay active at home during the era of social distancing.

In addition to her strong YouTube presence, Thoma Gustin uses Instagram to show others how “to move better & stay active,” as she says in her profile blurb. And the physical therapist encourages followers to pay attention to their entire bodies from head to toe. One snapshot of her in a fitness studio teased upcoming videos of exercises targeted to tootsies. In the caption, Thoma Gustin wrote:

Lace up your boots kids and go to the link in my bio to do a bangin’ 10 minute HIIT workout. I did it in my bare feet but whatever floats your boat. I have flat feet so I like the extra workout it gives me. I am going to eventually post a video of exercises you can do to specifically strengthen the muscles of your feet!

LA Thoma Gustin via Instagram

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