‘The Flash’: Will Barry Be Able to Create the New Speed Force in Season 7?

The death of the Speed Force in The Flash Season 6 was a devastating blow to the Scarlett Speedster. The season finale ended with Barry Allen as an underdog with waning abilities, a missing wife, and a scattered Team Flash. With season 7 on the horizon, fans are wondering if the heroes will be able to create an artificial Speed Force, and if so, how the story will unfold.

The Flash
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The death of the Speed Force spelled trouble for The Flash

The Flash Season 6 Episode 14 is aptly titled, “Death of the Speed Force.” In the story, the mystical energy called the Speed Force disintegrates, leaving Barry, Wally, and every other speedster in the world with degenerating powers.

For the rest of the season, Barry’s abilities continued to wane, placing the superhero on borrowed time. But instead of losing hope, he hatched a plan to build a new Speed Force. And from the looks of The Flash Season 7 trailer, Team Flash appears to be working tirelessly to restore Barry Allen to the status of Fastest Man Alive. But will they be able to finish the daunting task before enemies strike again?

Barry’s fading powers make him vulnerable to enemies

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With reduced superspeed, The Flash experienced a few close calls during season 6. The speedster had run-ins with Rag Doll, Godspeed, and Eva McCullough — aka The Mirror Master. In each case, members of Team Flash narrowly escaped mortal danger.

Aside from increased vulnerability to threats, Barry wholeheartedly believes that in order to save Iris, who remains trapped in the Mirrorverse, he must restore his metahuman abilities. “I need my speed back, my lightning, all my powers if I’m gonna save her,” said Barry in The Flash Season 6 Episode 17. “I know in my heart that the real Iris is out there somewhere waiting for me to find her. I won’t let her down.”

Alas, the first trailer for season 7 hints that Barry will not possess his full range of powers at the beginning of the season. In the preview, an inflamed airplane falls from the sky on a collision course for Central City, and Joe admits, “the Flash isn’t fast enough to stop it.”

‘The Flash’ boss promised that Barry’s powers will eventually return

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The Flash Season 7 trailer certainly amplifies the drama, focuses on the high stakes, and leaves viewers wondering how the season 6 cliffhanger will resolve. The showrunner, Eric Wallace, put fans at ease when he confirmed that Barry will indeed regain his superpowers.

In an interview with CBR, Wallace stated, “Barry has to get his speed back at some point. I mean, the show is called The Flash.”

‘The Flash’ Season 7 will launch during the 2020-2021 broadcast season

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The Flash is currently on an extended hiatus due to the industry-wide production shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with production ramping up for Vancouver, British Columbia-based shows, fans can expect the series to return early in 2021. Until The Flash Season 7 drops, viewers can relive previous episodes on CWTV.com.

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