‘The Flash’: Will Violett Beane Return as Jessie Quick Now That ‘God Friended Me’ Has Been Canceled? (Some Fans Think So)

Violett Beane played the fan-favorite speedster, Jessie Quick, on The Flash before setting up shop on the now-canceled God Friended Me. Now that it seems Beane’s schedule has opened up, fans are wondering if the actress will return to The Flash as Jessie.

Violett Beane
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Violett Beane joined ‘The Flash’ as Jessie Quick during season 2

Earth-2 citizen, Jessie Quick (Wells), came on the scene as supervillain Zoom’s hostage. Team Flash came to the rescue, and not long afterward, she gained superspeed and became a hero in her own right.

As a speedster under the tutelage of Barry Allen, aka The Flash, Jessie learned the ropes and partnered to protect Central City from threats. While living on Earth-1, she began a hot and cold relationship with yet another speedster, Wally West, better known as Kid Flash. Alas, that relationship fizzled when she decided to make a home on Earth-3, and later Earth-2.

Beane’s last appearance on The Flash was in the first half of season 4 around the same time that the actress landed the role of Cara Bloom on God Friended Me. Now that the feel-good drama has been canceled, The Flash fans have plenty to say about Beane’s next move.

 ‘The Flash’ fans had an interesting reaction when CBS canceled ‘God Friended Me’

 “Tonight’s the night. The 2-hour series finale of God Friended Me,” Beane wrote on Instagram the night of the finale. “Thank you to everyone who has watched every Sunday night for the last two years, this one’s for you!”

The heartfelt message was met with words of support and encouragement, as well as demands from die-hard Flash fans who want to see Jessie return to Team Flash.

Now, can you please come back for The Flash Season 7? We miss you,” wrote a follower in the Instagram comments.

And the sentiment is the same on Twitter, with fans like this one who tweeted, “Bring Violett Beane back to The Flash.”

Although Beane’s character, Jessie, hasn’t been seen on-camera since season 4, Team Flash has mentioned the speedster, most recently in grief following Jessie’s presumed demise. During Crisis on Infinite Earths, a red wave of antimatter destroyed Earth-2, among other Earths in the multiverse. All of the inhabitants were wiped out of existence.

After the events of Crisis, the universe was reshaped, and things are a bit different on Earth-Prime. There has been no mention of Jessie lately, so her fate within the new world is unknown. It would certainly be possible for the writers to whip up a plausible method of resurrecting the hero if they chose to do so.

Fans can stream Beane’s episodes of ‘The Flash’ and ‘God Friended Me’ anytime


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Beane admirers who want to re-watch her journey as Jessie on The Flash are in luck. The series is streaming on Netflix now. On the other hand, fans of God Friended Me can head over to CBS All Access to catch the series in its entirety.