‘The Flight Attendant’: Annie’s Odd Shower Placement Is by Design

With each episode of The Flight Attendant, viewers are left with a million questions about what just happened on their TV screens.

And because this is a mystery thriller, no small detail is overlooked. From the conversations with Alex inside Cassie’s head to Megan’s fluent Korean to each character’s abodes, there are clues all over the place.

As fans wait to learn the true reason behind Alex’s murder and to see how the various storylines intersect, some are stumped by the layout of Annie’s apartment. Specifically, what’s going on with that shower?

'The Flight Attendant' with Zosia Mamet
‘The Flight Attendant’ with Zosia Mamet | Phil Caruso/WarnerMedia/HBO Max

Where the ‘The Flight Attendant’ is filmed

Keeping up with Kaley Cuoco’s travels around the world can almost make one’s head spin. Some of Cassie’s trips are for work, some return her home for a little downtime, and as most viewers know, some of the travel is due to her zany DIY investigation.

In addition to filming scenes in Thailand, the miniseries shot a large bulk of its scenes in various locations around New York, including airports, restaurants, and hotels.

According to Untapped New York, Alex’s real-life swanky apartment is situated in Hudson Yards, and Sabrina’s spot is in Greenwich Village. But the story is different for Annie’s place.

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Annie and her unique shower aren’t in NYC

Like the audience, Cassie was startled when she walked into Annie’s apartment and saw Max showering out in the open. The sophisticated loft features an open floorplan with the shower smackdab in the middle of the living room. It’s an odd placement, but it speaks to Annie’s character.

Two members from the series’ production design team explained the layout to Architectural Digest. This is one of the spaces that was built on a soundstage for the show.

Production designer Sara White told the outlet the shower’s unconventional location was written into The Flight Attendant’s script. And she felt the Annie’s home was reflective of her personality.

'The Flight Attendant'
Annie’s apartment in ‘The Flight Attendant’ | WarnerMedia/HBO/Spencer Lasky

“We had to have that plexiglass custom-bent. It took about three weeks to find someone who could actually do that,” White said. “To me what it said immediately was that she is a very confident and daring person that likes to keep people guessing and is okay with using the element of surprise.”

With that said, the apartment was constructed piece by piece exclusively for the show and can’t be added to a sightseeing tour in New York.

Will there be any more loft scenes?

Based on episode 7, it wouldn’t be prudent for Cassie to stop by Annie’s place for the foreseeable future. She tricked her friend into thinking they’ll meet up later, but Buckley/Felix already knows where Annie lives.

Given how strongly some fans feel about Cassie and Annie’s friendship dynamic, no one wants to see the lawyer die in the end. Hopefully, there won’t be a shower scene where Annie meets her demise in her stylish bathroom. There really is no place for her — or Max — to hide in there.

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