The Foolproof Way Kim Kardashian West Deals With Internet Trolls

If anyone knows what it’s like to deal with internet haters, it’s Kim Kardashian West. Between being a famous celebrity and one of the most followed A-listers on social media, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has come across her fair share of criticism over the years.

But despite being faced with hate regularly, Kardashian West tries her best not to let the negativity get to her. As a matter of fact, she’s discovered an effective way to deal with her online haters — and to be quite honest, it’s actually a pretty genius method.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | David Livingston/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West has been a target of harsh criticism

Kardashian West may be a fan favorite celebrity, but even she’s had to deal with the harsh reality that comes with being in the spotlight. Ever since her scandalous sex tape with singer Ray J went public, the reality star has been at the center of negativity and, unfortunately, still deals with internet hate daily.

From being called out for Photoshopping her pictures to how she lives her life, Kardashian West is no stranger to internet trolls.

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Though the SKIMS founder tries her best not to let the negativity bring her down, there have been times trolls’ comments have gotten to her.

But instead of letting her haters win, Kardashian West has been known to put faceless commenters in their place and has even found an effective way of dealing with online hate.

The reality star asks herself an important question before deciding whether or not to interact with an online troll

In a 2016 video posted to her website, Kardashian West broke down how she handles her online haters.

While the reality star made it clear that she’s not afraid to clap back at trolls every now and again, she explained her process of how she goes about responding to naysayers.

It all starts with a very important question Kardashian West asks herself before deciding whether or not interacting with an online troll is worth her time.

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“I always think, ‘Will I be affected by this tomorrow? Will I be affected by it in a week?” Kardashian West said to her BFF Jonathan Cheban in the video, per People. “Will I be affected by it in a month, and in a year?’ And usually, the answer is no.'”

And unless she feels especially compelled to say something, the mother of four says she takes “the high road most of the time” and tries her best to best to move on from whatever comment upset her.

It’s still difficult for Kardashian West to brush off all of her haters

Although Kardashian West has proven that she is the clap back queen, that doesn’t mean all of the negative comments she comes across on social media don’t affect her.

In 2017, the reality star admitted that a few mean comments have gotten to her in the past and that she sometimes feels defeated when confronted by waves of criticism from internet trolls.

“You post something and it’ll be a million amazing comments and then it could be one or two negative comments that really do affect you and get to you,” she said during the 2017 Forbes Women’s Summit. “I’m human just like everyone else, things do hurt my feelings.”

But despite the negative backlash she receives from online users, Kardashian West continues to stand tall and show all of those naysayers that it’ll take more than just a few hurtful comments to get her down.