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Network television is struggling. Competing with streaming services is no easy feat. Before the advent of Netflix and the streaming boom, shows got picked up and canceled by networks at the drop of a hat. If anything, that’s only gotten worse. It’s hard for new shows to find their footing, and their audience, especially on network TV. When a show does succeed, it’s usually because it’s excellent. The best of the best. And that’s what The Goldbergs is. According to Purewow, star Hayley Orrantia thinks she knows why the show is so popular with audiences. 

‘The Goldbergs’ is the 1980s throwback everyone needed 

There’s a Wonder Years quality to The Goldbergs, probably thanks to the voice-over narration at the beginning and end of each episode. The show takes place in the 1980s and is chock full of nostalgia. Like The Wonder Years, it is a coming-of-age comedy that takes place in a specific moment in American history. But the Goldbergs have a little more flavor than the Arnolds. 

From the very first episode, fans are introduced to the ultimate smother (the term for a mother who smothers her children) Beverly Goldberg. She loves her kids so much it’s often scary.

Then there’s the patriarch, Murray Goldberg, known for falling asleep on the recliner with his pants off. The best part Although often unbelievable, the characters are real. Writer and creator Adam F. Goldberg used his own childhood experiences in the show, and he has the receipts to prove it. Goldberg was a film buff from a young age and took tons of home videos of everything that happened in his family. Now, he shows clips from those home videos at the end of episodes of The Goldbergs, to prove his family really is as crazy as the characters in the show. 

Hayley Orrantia and her ‘Goldbergs’ cast mates are close 

It could be that The Goldbergs is so popular because Goldberg based all the characters and some of the events on real people. But Orrantia, who plays the oldest Goldberg child, Erica, thinks it’s something else. She believes that the magic of the show lies in the amazing chemistry between cast members. 

Orrantia told Popwow that “We have such a good time together. It’s ridiculous, which I truly believe plays into why the show is so well liked.” She may be a relative acting newbie, but she’s on set with some veteran sitcom actors, including Wendi McLendon-Covey, of Reno 911! fame. She claims everyone is in awe of the way the cast gets along, and they truly are all friends IRL. 

Will Hayley Orrantia be on ‘The Goldbergs’ for season 10?

Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg in 'The Goldbergs'
Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg in ‘The Goldbergs’ | Raymond Liu via Getty Images

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According to TV Series FinaleThe Goldbergs hasn’t been renewed or canceled for season 10, so there’s no telling if Orrantia will be involved. The show was renewed for a season nine, but ABC made no promises about a 10th season. 

Season nine just began airing last month. Orrantia’s character, Erica, should be getting married by the end of the season if all goes well. It could mean that Orrantia’s role may be reduced in upcoming seasons if she chooses. Orrantia does have other things to focus on, including a budding music career. She’s impressed fans with her role as Erica, and she’s been able to flex her musical muscles on the show as well. She may want to focus on some of her other projects in the coming years. Of course, her friendships will probably keep her on The Goldbergs for as long as the show is on the air.