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It has been nearly a week since The Golden Bachelor fans saw Gerry Turner choose Theresa Nist in the finale. It has been much longer since runner-up Leslie Turner learned she was not the one for Turner. Despite the passage of time, the upset hasn’t faded for Leslie. Fans are still talking about how shocked she seemed to be. There is a good reason for her surprise. It appears Gerry Turner purposefully withheld information from Leslie Fhima about his connection to Theresa Nist. It is completely understandable that she thought she was “the one.” 

Leslie Fhima revealed that Gerry Turner never told her he loved Theresa Fhima while they were filming ‘The Golden Bachelor’

Leslie Fhima’s shock at Turner’s pick might have had something to do with what information Turner shared with her and, more importantly, what information he opted to withhold. In an interview on Bachelor Happy Hour, Fhima revealed she was clued in on where Turner was with other contestants during the competition, but she never learned how close he had grown to Nist. 

Leslie Fhima in 'The Golden Bachelor' finale standing by herself and looking pensive
Leslie Fhima in ‘The Golden Bachelor’ | ABC/John Fleenor

During her appearance on the podcast, Fhima said that Turner admitted to her that he told Faith Martin that he was in love with her, too. She seemed to have some insider information about Turner’s other romances, as well. He kept his connection to Nist to himself, though. Fhima insists that Turner never mentioned that he had told Nist that he was also in love with her. To be fair, it doesn’t seem like Fhima asked, either. 

During her chat, Leslie Fhima delved into many intimate details of her time on The Golden Bachelor. Still, she seemed to hold back on her thoughts regarding Nist and her feelings about the duo. She did note that she thought Turner could have handled himself better, and much of Bachelor Nation agrees. 

Some fans thought Turner had picked Nist early on in the show’s run 

Fhima was shocked by Turner’s seemingly quick change of heart, but not all viewers were surprised by his final pick. After the final rose, fans took to Reddit to discuss Turner’s engagement to Nist. Several noted that they believed Turner had picked Nist out early on in the competition but had led on other finalists for the sake of the competition. 

The contestants of 'The Golden Bachelor' stand together during an episode of the reality competition show.
Sandra, Christina, Leslie, April, Nancy, Kathy, Joan Faith, Susan, Jeanie, Ellen, Natasha and Edith appear on ‘The Golden Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

The Subtle Hint That Suggests Leslie Fhima Did Not Win ‘The Golden Bachelor’

Many believe that Turner and Nist’s connection was evident from the first date but that The Golden Bachelor’s editing team purposefully led fans in the other direction to keep viewers guessing. Still, Turner insisted he didn’t know who to pick until the fantasy suites. 

While Fhima is understandably upset, she isn’t giving up on love. Perhaps fans will get to see her as the first golden bachelorette. As for Turner and Nist, they are prepared to take their love out into the real world now. The couple is set to wed in a televised wedding ceremony on Jan. 4.