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It was bound to happen. Gerry Turner’s past was going to come back. The first-ever golden bachelor presented himself as a struggling widower looking for love again. The wholesomeness of Turner and how openly he spoke about his grief endeared him to fans, but Turner wasn’t exactly sitting at home in the years since his wife’s death. An ex-lover has surfaced, and she claims she began dating Turner just a month after Toni Turner died unexpectedly from an infection. 

Gerry Turner started dating just a month after his wife’s death, according to an ex

Gerry Turner’s ex-girlfriend wants to stay anonymous, but she wants the world to know who they are dealing with. In a bombshell report by The Hollywood Reporter, a woman who had previously dated Turner sat down to lay their relationship bare. 

Gerry Turner with his daughters and granddaughters sitting on a couch
Gerry Turner’s daughters and granddaughters | ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

The woman, who is going by the name Carolyn, told the publication that she and Turner had met at work and began meeting up just a month after Turner lost his wife, Toni Turner, suddenly to an infection. Carolyn’s story doesn’t mesh with what Turner tried to sell the world. He claimed he hadn’t dated much since the death of his wife. Still, if you listen closely, that tale changed and morphed over time, too. Still, Carolyn brought the receipts, and everything appeared to line up. 

Carolyn claims the relationship went from two friends meeting up to flirty texts to dates. Eventually, things got so serious that she actually moved in with Turner. The relationship only stayed perfect for a short time. In fact, Gerry Turner’s ex claims that Turner body-shamed her. Eventually, she says, he kicked her out of the house they shared while she was recuperating from an injury. She sustained the injury at the house they shared. 

Turner’s lies are unsurprising to many

Sure, it shocked some viewers that Turner had a relatively robust dating life before The Golden Bachelor. Not everyone was surprised, though. Following the release of The Hollywood Reporter’s interview with ‘Carolyn,’ viewers took to social media and Reddit to discuss the new information. 

Some viewers felt like they had been duped, while others were thrilled that the publication’s report confirmed what they suspected. Several Reddit users insisted that they felt like something was off with Turner. Some viewers thought he appeared too smooth and a bit creepy. Others argued that Turner’s initial story of avoiding almost all romantic contact since his wife died was simply unrealistic to begin with. 

'The Golden Bachelor' stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist sitting on a bench at a carnival
‘The Golden Bachelor’ stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist | John Fleenor/Disney via Getty Images

Regardless of the new reports, it seems Turner has found his match, at least for now. Whether they will have long-term success is anyone’s guess. If Carolyn’s story is true, things could change between Gerry and Theresa at a moment’s notice.