‘The Good Doctor’: You’ll Never Guess Which Stars Are Married in Real Life

The Good Doctor has quickly become one of ABC’s most-watched drama shows. Now in its third season, almost all of the original cast members are still there, and the show continues to have well-written plot points that keep the suspense intact without reaching for an unrealistic storyline. But another aspect of the show that has been touched on more this season is the relationships between characters. And you’d be surprised to know which two cast members are married in real life.

'The Good Doctor' cast
‘The Good Doctor’ Cast | JC Oliver/Getty Images

This season, Shaun Murphy is breaking into the dating world

The show’s star, a character named Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), shines at the operating table with his incredible ability to come up with solutions and diagnoses better than any of his coworkers. But in the social world, he struggles. Murphy is an autistic savant, so while he has unparalleled medical knowledge, he finds it extremely difficult to socially interact with coworkers. This season, though, the show opened up with Murphy going on a date with Carly, a young doctor who works at Murphy’s hospital. However, the lack of control when going on a first date — the nerves, the uncertainty, and more — all led Murphy to describe the evening as a “disaster.”

Dr. Melendez and Dr. Lim are still dating on the show

Last season, we saw Dr. Melendez and Dr. Lim bond over losing out on a higher position at the hospital. And what started as a one night stand after a few drinks led to a long-term relationship. At the start of season 3, Melendez and Lim decided to tell the hospital that they had broken up, since Lim is now chief of surgery — though they are actually still together and are working hard to hide it. However, Melendez and Lim are both married to other people in real life.

Dr. Aaron Glassman and his wife, Debbie Wexler, are married in real life

On the show, Dr. Aaron Glassman recently found love with Debbie Wexler, who used to work at a quick-stop eatery inside the hospital. The two fell in love right around the beginning of Glassman’s cancer diagnosis, and in season 3, they are married. But surprisingly, these two are actually married in real life. Actor Richard Schiff and actress Sheila Kelly have been married since 1996, and they first met way back in 1983 while on an audition. They have two children together, Gus and Ruby, though neither child has a role on the show.

Actor Freddie Highmore has never dated any co-stars

Right now, it doesn’t appear that any other The Good Doctor co-stars are in relationships off-screen. And Freddie Highmore also has never dated either of his two love interests from the show (Lea and Carly). Highmore reportedly hasn’t been dating anyone since he and actress Dakota Fanning broke up back in 2009. His real-life personality is a bit more reserved, and he has very little social media presence. Time will tell if any other cast members get together.

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