‘The Good Doctor’: Here’s How Fans Really Feel About Shaun and Carly’s Relationship

The Good Doctor has captured viewers’ attention since it first premiered back in 2017. Now, in its third season, the character development has been intense. Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) is tackling his emotions in his new relationship with Dr. Carly Lever (Jasika Nicole). The two haven’t been dating for too long, but fans have already reached a conclusion on how they really feel about the couple’s romance.

Warning: Season 3 Episode 12 spoilers ahead!

'The Good Doctor' Shaun and Carly
‘The Good Doctor’ characters Shaun and Carly are dating | Jack Rowand/ABC/Getty Images

Shaun and Carly have recently started dating

The romance between Shaun and Carly has been slow to develop, since Shaun is not good at dealing with or expressing his emotions. But Carly has been patient with him, and throughout the third season, they’ve been working hard to make their relationship work. The couple hit a rough patch when Shaun revealed he had fallen asleep with Lea, and it caused tension in their relationship. But by the end of episode 12, Shaun had made it clear that Carly was the woman he wanted to be with.

Most love Shaun and Carly together

When The Good Doctor’s Instagram account posted a video of Shaun and Carly having a moment during season 3 episode 12, fans were quick to post their reactions in the comments section.

“They are such a great couple,” someone wrote. “I really like them together,” another user commented. “I love them together. They compliment [sic] each other so well,” another person added. The general consensus in the comments was that fans love Shaun and Carly’s relationship and hope to see it continue to develop. Throughout the episodes, Shaun seems to be getting more in touch with his emotions, thanks to his feelings for Carly.

Some fans don’t trust Carly’s character  

While most fans love the two together, some fans are concerned that Carly might not be right for Shaun. “I don’t trust her.. she has all these friends but Shaun’s never met them,” one user wrote. “Carly has so many friends yet he hasn’t met a one,” another user added. “I wonder how almost perfect Carly is… It is suspicious they would put a line like that. I am worried for Shaun,” someone else commented, suggesting that Shaun calling Carly “almost perfect” in the scene might foreshadow something bad in the future.

Fans were surprised by Lea’s departure

Though Shaun and Carly’s relationship is in a good place, it seems to have come at the expense of another character: Lea. Carly asked Shaun to have Lea move out, since she didn’t feel comfortable with them living together. Shaun abided, but the producers never wrote in a scene where Shaun and Carly discuss her departure. Instead, Shaun returns to work the following day and tells Carly that Lea moved out — Lea doesn’t make another appearance in the episode or in next week’s previews.

“It’s bizarre how Lea was quickly written off the show,” one person wrote. “Wait, so Lea’s out? Just like that?” someone asked. It’s unclear right now if Lea is officially off the show, but that seems to be the case. Time will tell if she pops back into Shaun’s life once more.