‘The Good Doctor’: How Shaun, Lea, and the Other Couples Can Survive

The relationships on The Good Doctor are being put to the test. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be challenging for all the couples. How can they keep their relationships intact?

Showbiz Cheat Sheet chatted with Jennifer Greene, dating and relationship coach for Beyond Ages. She gave her best tips for how couples can survive the pandemic. Here’s how Shaun, Lea, and the rest of the couples can apply her advice.

Dr. Andrews and his wife need to stay connected

Freddie Highmore on the set of The Good Doctor | Kailey Schwerman/ABC via Getty Images
Freddie Highmore on the set of The Good Doctor | Kailey Schwerman/ABC via Getty Images

The couples are going to have to do what they can to stick together. It’s a stressful time for the doctors who have loved ones at home. Season 4, Episode 2 of The Good Doctor ends with Dr. Andrews running upstairs after a day of work.

He was sleeping in the basement because he was afraid of infecting his wife, but he decides to come upstairs this time. Hopefully, things will go well, and this surprise visit won’t turn ugly. Will his wife be afraid? How will his actions be received?

Greene says it’s important to demonstrate empathy if your partner is a medical professional. The pandemic is likely causing added stress, so your support is needed now more than ever.

“If you’re in a relationship with a medical professional during the pandemic, it’s your role as a loving partner to be empathetic to their situation, especially while they’re isolating from the rest of the family,” Greene tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“Yes, things may be stressful for you, but it’s likely to be even tougher for them while they’re either on the frontline completely alone. Make use of video calling software to keep them connected with the family as much as you can.”

Dr. Glassman and Debbie need to respect each other’s space

Dr. Glassman and his wife, Debbie, are struggling when it comes to personal space. Debbie wants more of Glassman’s attention, but he wants more space. They got into a fight during episode 1, and she ended up moving into the guest bedroom. Things are better now, but they’ll need to respect each other’s space needs going forward.

“No matter how in love they are, it’s easy for couples to get overwhelmed when they spend too much time together, especially if you have nowhere to escape,” says Greene.

“To get through this temporary situation, make an effort to give your partner some alone time in whatever way you can, even if you’re both wearing headphones consuming media separately,” Greene continues. “If you are getting on each other’s nerves, remember that this situation is only temporary.”

Shaun must remember the pandemic won’t last forever

Shaun is having a difficult time adjusting to the changes brought about by the pandemic. He got angry with Lea when she tried to have a sexy phone call with him. He said he would rather be with her physically. Shaun later told Glassman he just wants the pandemic to be over. Once he realizes this won’t be forever, he’ll likely be able to relax and enjoy his new relationship with Lea.

“Pandemic or not, an important first step is to be able to communicate your grievances in a calm manner, allowing your partner to do the same,” Greene tells us. “When you work out your differences, try to remember that this situation is only temporary.”

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