‘The Good Doctor’: Is a Romance Brewing Between Dr. Park and Dr. Reznick?

It looks like there might be a new couple on The Good Doctor. The tension between Dr. Park and Dr. Reznick seems to be boiling over and turning into something romantic. Will they be the next couple on the show?

Dr. Park’s relationship problems

Will Yun Lee and Fiona Gubelmann on The Good Doctor | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images
Will Yun Lee and Fiona Gubelmann on The Good Doctor | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

Park has been having problems in his marriage for some time. He and his ex-wife, Mia, parted ways after he caught her cheating. However, they were attempting to reconcile. A big reason Park tried to hang in there was because of their son, Kellan. However, Park has a change of heart after a conversation with Shaun.

During season 4, episode 2 (titled “Frontline Part 2”), Park has a conversation with Mia that solidifies his decision to move forward with the divorce. When he asks her if she loves him and why, Mia says she does love him. Her reason for loving him, however, has little to do with him. She says she loves the way he is with Kellan.

“I love that you love our son,” Mia says. “I love watching you two talk. I love the way Kellan lights up when he’s with you.”

This turns out to be the wrong answer. Park replies by saying, “I love you too for all the same reasons. We both want to be there for Kellan, and we are. But you and I don’t need to be together to do that.”

Dr. Reznick seems very interested in Dr. Park’s personal life

Will Yun Lee and Fiona Gubelmann | Jack Rowand via Getty Images
Will Yun Lee and Fiona Gubelmann | Jack Rowand via Getty Images

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Park and Reznick often trade insults on the job, but things have gotten increasingly tense between the two doctors lately. Reznick has been extra salty with Park and she doesn’t seem to be letting up. However, she took time during season 4, episode 4 (titled “Not the Same,” to find out what’s going on in his personal life.

In an unusual move, Reznick waited in the parking lot next to Park’s car so she could talk to him. She sensed something was going on with him, and she was right. When she wouldn’t leave until he answered, Park confessed he was having trouble at home. Earlier, he mentioned he was late to work because he was having car trouble, but he revealed that he was really finalizing his divorce.

Dr. Park and Dr. Reznick are now roommates

After Park reveals his secret, Reznick is actually nice for a moment. She offers to let him stay at her apartment. Park declines at first, but then he shows up late one night on her doorstep. We don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t think this relationship will remain platonic.

It seems like Park and Reznick have feelings for each other, but they’re just not aware of it yet. All of that merciless teasing is likely pent up sexual tension. It’s a matter of time before they become more than just co-workers and roommates. And we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

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