‘The Good Fight’: Why Julianna Margulies Refused to Appear on the Spinoff

Julianna Margulies played Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife for seven seasons. Some of the characters’ stories have continued on the spinoff, The Good Fight, but it doesn’t include Margulies. Here is everything to know about why.

Creators Robert King talked about Alicia Florrick’s life after the series finale

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If Alicia Florrick did appear on The Good Fight fans would be able to see what she’s doing since the series finale. Creators Robert and Michelle King, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan did attempt to dive into that in an interview

The show left off with Alicia Florrick getting slapped by Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski). She also doesn’t end up with Jason (Morgan).

I like that it kind of brought her back to beginning — that slap — and it was a kind of a role reversal there,” said Morgan. “Selfishly, I would have liked to see Jason and Alicia have some sort of answers for the audience and themselves.”

Why didn’t the two end up together? “Alicia falling into the arms of [Jason] would have been too much of a cop-out,” explained Robert King.

Robert and Michelle King said Julianna Margulies won’t be on The Good Fight

Julianna Margulies
Julianna Margulies | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for AMC

Fans have certainly been rooting for a cameo by Margulies, but it hasn’t happened. Evetnually, Robert and Michelle King said it won’t happen.

That’s not our intention,” Michelle said according to Bustle. “Much as we adore Julianna, and Alicia, the feeling is that we ended that story the way that we all hoped we would, and we didn’t want to put an asterisk on it.”

She also talked about being nervous about disappointing fans for not having Margulies return. “I would say I was nervous about everything,” the co-creator admitted. “So to be sure, [not having Alicia] was on the list. But there were so very many things to be nervous about.”

Margulies wanted to be paid her regular fee for the role

The Good Wife star was offered to appear in the new show as her role, Alicia Florrick. It turns out payment was the reason she refused to come back.

To be perfectly honest, I was shocked,” Margulies told Deadline. “I was more surprised than hurt. I thought, ‘What are you worth?’”

It seems like the role would have been smaller on the spinoff, but Margulies didn’t want to be paid that amount given where she started. “I’m not a guest star; I started the whole thing with The Good Wife,” she said. “I wanted to be paid my worth and stand up for equal pay. if Jon Hamm came back for a Mad Men spinoff or Kiefer Sutherland wanted to do a 24 spinoff, they would be paid.”

Deadline noted that the actress likes The Good Fight, but doesn’t see herself appearing on the show in the future.

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