‘The Good Place’: Lisa Kudrow Guest Stars on a Magnificent Episode

Disclaimer, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of The Good Place. Remember when Michael said Phoebe from Friends deserved a spot in the Good Place? Well, in “Patty” that sort of came true. In The Good Place episode, Lisa Kudrow guest starred as Hypatia of Alexandria.

The Good Place Lisa Kudrow
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Team Cockroach makes it to the Good Place without a twist

The episode opens where we last left Team Cockroach, on a hot air balloon on their way to the Good Place. During their trip, they realize how close they are when they come across a giant flying puppy.

Once they arrive in the Good Place, Janet walks the group through the welcome center. In the lobby, they are treated to party favors like candy that gives you back the energy you had when you were 12 years old and headphones that tell you every nice thing someone said about you without you knowing.

Michael is whisked away by the Good Place committee for a swearing in ceremony to be made a Good Place architect. Meanwhile, the four humans are treated to a welcoming party. Instead of going to their own individual parties, the four decide to enter the party together, creating a blend of their perfect party.

Lisa Kudrow’s character goes by Patty on ‘The Good Place’

It’s at the welcome party the humans and audience meet Kudrow’s character. It turns out Kudrow plays one of Chidi’s heroes, Hypatia of Alexandria. Chidi and Eleanor go up to meet Hypatia, as Chidi is too nervous to meet her on his own.

Instead of being the intellectual Chidi expects, Hypatia tells the two to just call her Patty. She then reveals that everyone in the Good Place is in danger, and they need help.

Lisa Kudrow’s Patty tells them the Good Place is broken

As Patty reveals this to Chidi and Eleanor, Michael makes a discovery of his own. His swearing-in ceremony was actually an elaborate trick by the committee to leave Michael in charge of the Good Place. It turns out the committee is well aware of the afterlife’s problems, and they have no idea how to fix it.

Patty tells Eleanor and Chidi that everyone is so happy all the time, everyone ends up as happiness zombies. Their brains essentially turn to mush because every wish is granted instantaneously. There is no longer a reason to have goals or have anything to look forward to.

Janet realizes that the other Good Place Janet is sort of empty inside, and as Tahani talks with residents at the welcome party she finds something odd with everyone. Even in paradise, people are miserable.

Team Cockroach comes up with a plan to help

Michael finds the rest of the group and everyone reveals what they found out. Eternity is a long time to be only happy, and now everyone is burned out from it. Even Jason admits he got bored of “Tokyo Drift with monkeys” in go-karts pretty quickly.

Eleanor then reminds Michael what she told him after his midlife crisis: “Every human is a little bit sad all the time because you know you’re going to die. But that knowledge is what gives life meaning.”

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As part of their plan, they announce to the residents that there is a way for their existence to end. Somewhere in the Good Place, there will be a door. When or if a resident feels they have gotten all they can from the afterlife, they can walk through the door.

“It will be peaceful, and your journey will be over,” Janet tells them.

This new change delights the residents, and Patty even tells Chidi she plans to stick around for awhile. Afterwards, Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, Janet, and Tahani walk to their new homes as Michael looks on. In their shared home, Chidi tells Eleanor that the Good Place is not actually a place. Instead it’s time spent with the people you love.