What Fans Thought of ‘The Good Place’ Series Finale

The series finale of The Good Place aired on NBC on Jan. 30. The last episode of the series tied up running story lines and gave each character a proper sendoff. While fans are bittersweet about the show ending, most fans seem to think it was the perfect finale. Disclaimer, this article contains spoilers for the series finale of The Good Place.

The Good Place series finale
Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop in ‘The Good Place’ | Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What happened in the last episode

In the series finale of The Good Place, each of the members of Team Cockroach have their story come full circle. Jason is the first one who decides he is ready to leave the afterlife.

It turns out Jason doesn’t go through the door immediately. Instead, he stays in the forest for a thousand Jeremy Bearimys, looking for the gift he got Janet. As he searches, he meditates and thinks about life’s purpose. Once he gives the gift to Janet, he heads through the door.

Tahani is the next one to decide she is ready to leave the afterlife, but then she has another realization. She decides she wants to continue helping people, and she sets out to become an Architect like Michael. Next, Chidi decides he is ready. After an emotional goodbye to Eleanor, he leaves the afterlife with no hesitation or doubt.

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Eleanor then goes to Judge Gen and asks for Michael to become a human so he can have his dream too. Michael’s wish is granted and he is sent to Earth so he can live out his dream and eventually go through the afterlife system.

Eleanor goes through the door, feeling complete after helping her best friend. Her essence falls down to Earth, and encourages one last good deed. Unknowingly feeling inspired, Michael’s neighbor brings Michael his mail that was delivered to him by mistake.

Fans realized Janet will eventually be left behind

Perhaps the only complaint about the series finale of The Good Place involves Janet. At the end of the episode, Eleanor, Chidi, and Jason have all walked through the door. Tahani is an Architect, and Michael is on Earth. Eventually, Michael will go through the afterlife system and Janet will be left alone.

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“THE FACT THAT JANET IS NOW ALONE AND SHE WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO MOVE ON THROUGH THE FINAL DOORWAY!!! Yes, eventually Michael will die and return to The Good Place, but now that he’s human, eventually he will walk through the final door too. I literally almost cried thinking about how Janet will never have a set of friends like Tahani,Eleanor,Chidi,Jason,and Michael ever again,” a Reddit user wrote.

Fans of ‘The Good Place’ thought the series finale was the perfect ending

All in all, fans of The Good Place loved the series finale. While emotional, the finale brought all of the characters full circle. Fans also praised Michael Schur for knowing when to end the series.

“The finale of the Good Place is what happens when creators are allowed to finish a story how they want. It was amazing and sad and perfect,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Honestly, this vision of paradise is so beautiful. The reward of spending as much of eternity as you want in pursuit of patching up everything you feel is missing from yourself, and then be able to slip away when you feel most complete… it’s as compelling a thought as everything else this show has done over the years,” a Reddit user wrote.

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“It seems like in the end, every single character, literally all of them, got the ending that brought them the most joy an peace. It took them different amount of times to get there, and very different paths, but they made it. So you could say it’s true: Everything is fine,” another one wrote.