‘The Good Place’ Throws Some Serious Shade at Baby Boomers, Anti-Vaxxers and Apple — Fans Find It Hysterical

Every week, Michael Schur’s The Good Place delivers witty comedy mixed with a touch of ethics. They often throw in timely comments poking fun at current events. Last week’s episode was no different.

The all-knowing, yet cruel, database of information known as Bad Janet (D’Arcy Carden) throws the shade this week. She proceeds to burn the baby boomers—touching on the “Ok, boomer” teen dig— anti-vaxxers and even Apple. Read on to find out what she said and how fans are reacting. 

D'Arcy Carden as Bad Janet
D’Arcy Carden playing Bad Janet | Colleen Hayes/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Fans quickly turn the baby boomers burn into a GIF

The comment regarding the baby boomers was quickly picked out as the best comedic line of the episode—likely because of the recent emergence of the “Ok, boomer,” line used to mock the older generation.

“Ah, middle-aged American male fragility. You know why they’re called baby boomers, right? Because the tiniest little pinprick to their ego and boom— they become babies,” Bad Janet said to Michael (Ted Danson) on The Good Place this week. 

One Reddit user wrote, “That might be my favorite quote in the show.” 

Another fan agreed, “Bad Janet may not have a soul, but I certainly felt her comment in mine. The accuracy burns.”

Most fans found the comment hilarious. Bad Janet is referring to the new older male experiment subject who has joined the show this season, Brent Norwalk (Benjamin Koldyke). The 60-year-old character is privileged, stereotypical, and racist.

Did ‘The Good Place’ just jump on the ‘Ok, boomer’ bandwagon?

There was debate over whether or not The Good Place producers inserted this comment into the show because of the “Ok, boomer” teen movement or if it was already recorded before the term was coined. 

The term “Ok, boomer” began trending on TikTok—a social media app primarily used by teens— this summer to push back at adults who seemed closed-minded.

One teen told NBC News that “A boomer is really more of a type of personality, someone who is intolerant to new ideas and who is ignorant to new ideas.”

The Good Place often pokes fun using current events, so it comes as no surprise that the baby boomer comment seems timely.

Reddit users love Bad Janet’s digs at anti-vaxxers and Apple

While Michael and Bad Janet are arguing over whether humans are inherently good or evil, Bad Janet begins citing people and things she feels are terrible on Earth to make her point. 

“I know literally everything that every one of them has ever done. Do you know what is happening right now on Earth? Wars, murders, women in $400 yoga pants are refusing to vaccinate their children. Vindictive nerds at Apple are changing the charger cable shape again. Where does this hope come from? This insane hope that people are worth the trouble?”

One Reddit user, “Even The Bad Place looks down on anti-vaxxers!”

“As they should! The Bad Place calls out a ton of truly horrible things happening on Earth… like the Jacksonville Jaguars,” another user agrees.

It sounds like some fans agree with Bad Janet on the anti-vaxxer and Apple comments. They these two digs are both timely and hysterical as well.

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