‘The Good Place’: What Happens Now?

Disclaimer, this article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of The Good Place. The episode was titled “Mondays, Am I Right?” and aired on Jan. 16. Based on the episode’s ending, some fans are wondering what direction the show will take.

The Good Place
Michael Schur and the cast of ‘The Good Place’ | Evans Vestal Ward/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

The group is on their way to the real Good Place

“Mondays, Am I Right?” breezed past the conflicts Team Cockroach faced with designing the new afterlife system. By the end of it, the four humans are told by Janet and Michael that designing the new system has earned them enough points to go to the real Good Place.

The Good Place episode ends with the Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, Tahani, Michael, and Janet boarding a hot air balloon reminiscent of the second season. Except this time, the six of them will apparently get to go to the Good Place without a twist.

While not exactly a cliffhanger, this ending does feel too easy. The Good Place is known for its twists and turns, so the group going to the Good Place with multiple episodes left until the series finale does seem suspicious.

Perhaps the group will be tested after all

In Beth Elderkin’s recap for io9, the writer wondered if Michael, Janet, and the four humans will face tests once the reach the Good Place. It makes sense, given that “Mondays, Am I Right?” showed the members of the group each dealing with their own flaws and conflicts all over again.

“I felt the way the problems were brought up was a bit contrived, but it showed they still exist. They’re not fully ready for the Good Place and I have a feeling they’re going to be tested after all, just like they were when they first arrived in the afterlife. The only question is: How will they do?” Elderkin wrote.

Some fans think the group will grow bored with the Good Place

Viewers of the show have seen the architects of the Good Place, and they are, well, kind of boring. Their personalities involve caving to every demand, even if it’s from a Bad Place demon. They are also impossibly nice and without conflict.

Despite how much the six main characters have improved, they still do not fit in with those known to live in the Good Place. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For years, the members of Team Cockroach have been challenged, forcing them to evolve. Challenges make living interesting, so is it possible the group will actually be bored once they arrive? Some fans seem to think so.

“But I think they’ll actually get to the good place and eventually hate it. It’ll be too perfect. They’ll get bored without even a little conflict. Instead, they’ll choose to be participants in the neighborhoods and help others get into the good place,” a Reddit user wrote.

“Mike Schur has said there’s a reason the Good Place committee members are all dressed like that. And based on the way they act, I think the milquetoast cream of wheat environment of the actual Good Place will be unbearably dull for our group once they get there,” another Reddit user speculated.

They continued, “I think they will discover their personal Good Place will be the continuing adventure of striving to help humanity better itself in the afterlife. They found their purpose in feeling good about doing good. It may not have been their ideal place when they first died, but they’ve all grown beyond that.”