‘The Good Place’: Who Has Jameela Jamil Dated?

It amazes us how philosophy managed to sneak into a sitcom so deftly as it has in The Good Place. The concept is larger than the characters, even if we’ve learned to love the latter, no matter how unlikable. While it’s debatable which character is more despicable (or your favorite), one of the most unsung is Tahani Al-Jamil, a wealthy philanthropist born in Pakistan.

Played by Jameela Jamil, Tahani is one of the more sincere characters. In real life, Jamil is a unique comedienne who’s mostly billed as an actress/model/presenter/activist.

Living much of her life in the U.K., Jamil’s love life hasn’t been fussed over. Take a look at her current boyfriend and one key event in her life that changed her outlook on everything.

Jamil’s past wasn’t very happy

Jameela Jamil
Jameela Jamil | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

When you look back to Jamil’s childhood and teen years, you see she was far from the role of Tahani, a role that ironically happens to have her family surname.

Even though Jamil does have a modeling background like Tahani, former went through a lot of turmoil before getting there. She faced everything from suffering with hearing loss, experiencing anorexia nervosa, then being seriously injured after being hit by a car.

At one point, nobody thought she’d walk again until various treatments helped her finally gain mobility. After all this, she obviously deserved some happiness. Not much is known about who she dated, though. As she worked as a model and photographer, there were definitely some relationships going on.

Unfortunately, becoming pregnant early became a life-changing event shaping how she viewed life and America’s abortion issue.

Jamil’s abortion at a young age is still referenced by her now

According to Jamil’s recent tweets about emerging abortion laws in the U.S. South, her own abortion was the result of getting pregnant due to failed contraception.

It’s not known who the initial father was, but she doesn’t regret having an abortion based on the knowledge the child likely wouldn’t have had a good life. This argument is central reasoning for those who stand up for abortion to prevent a child from having to live in abject misery.

As you might expect, Jamil took enormous criticism from pro-lifers about this recently. You can imagine it also changed any notion of jumping into further relationships. Nevertheless, she has mentioned other, unknown romances with their own share of problems.

Her unnamed romance with a married man

A while back, Jamil admitted to other relationships, all of which didn’t end well. She’s talked about being abused numerous times, something sickening all of us on how prevalent it’s been for her and so many.

With body positivity a major priority for Jamil, she’s had the guts to call out a few A-list celebrities for not standing up about body image. In one case, she went after Khloé Kardashian for fat shaming after promoting a “Flat Tummy Shake.”

Her activist idealism has been shaped as well by some of her bad relationships. One of those was with a man whom she didn’t know was married. Details of this came from a U.K. interview where she ultimately refused to bed the guy because he wouldn’t divorce his wife. Said boyfriend ultimately stayed with his wife after all and had more kids.

No doubt she learned a lot about marriage just from this alone. Nowadays, she’s seriously dating a famous pop star.

Will Jamil and James Blake eventually marry?

For the last four years, Jamil has dated pop star/songwriter/record producer James Blake. Their shared concerns about mental health has led them toward a common cause, despite not showing any signs of marriage yet.

They’re seen everywhere together, proving they already have a form of marriage underway. In this regard, you could say Jameela Jamil truly found her Good Place as her alter ego TV character still tries to find the way to hers.