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Matt Czuchry played Cary Agos in The Good WifeHe had an amazing character arc, going from main character Alicia’s nemesis to her ally and friend by the end of the series.

Fans watched as Cary evolved from a cutthroat corporate lawyer to a justice-seeking prosecutor, to something in between. It was all believable and engaging thanks to Czuchry’s serious acting chops.

According to Czuchry himself, he was trained on-set. He didn’t have an all-star acting education, but what he had ended up being better. 

‘The Good Wife’ wasn’t Matt Czuchry’s first role 

Actor Matt Czuchry visits the Build Series to discuss season 3 of the Fox drama series “The Resident” at Build Studio.
Matt Czuchry | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Fans of Gilmore Girls may know Czuchry for his role as Logan in the show. What fans may not know is that Czuchry considers the set of Gilmore Girls to be where he learned to act.

According to Czuchry: “I worked on that for three seasons so that was my first extended period of time of a job. So that was really a training ground for me. Studying the craft and the technique of the craft is a big part of the job and, for me, with Gilmore Girls, I needed a lot of help.”

Luckily, the Gilmore Girls cast and crew was more than happy to help Czuchry learn the ropes of their craft. And he had the perfect look for his role. Logan ended up being one of Rory’s love interests, even though that wasn’t the original intention for the character. Czuchry impressed producers so much that his character was given a bigger role. 

Matt Czuchry was a fan favorite in ‘The Good Wife’ 

Czuchry went from love interest to lead in The Good Wife. Even though Alicia, played by Juliana Margulies, was the real star of the show, Cary took on more and more storylines as the show went on.

His character was engaging enough to become one of the main players in the world of law and politics of The Good Wife. There’s a good reason why Czuchry was perfect for the show. He actually studied political science at the College of Charleston and wanted to be a lawyer. 

However, he had an epiphany when he saw a beauty pageant with acting classes as one of the prizes. The college show, called Mr. Charleston, after the name of Czuchry’s college. That’s when Czuchry knew he would be an actor.  

“We were all joking around but I saw on this piece of paper ‘Win acting classes,’ and, truly — I don’t know if you’ve had these moments in your life — but I knew it was very, very important moment for me. I knew it was going to make a difference in my life. It was just crystal clear in my head.”

Matt Czuchry is starring in ‘The Resident’ 


‘Gilmore Girls’: Matt Czuchry Auditioned for a Different Role Before Landing the Part of Logan Huntzberger

The Good Wife may be over, but Czuchry isn’t done bringing drama to the screen. In fact, now he’s the leading man.

In The ResidentCzuchry is no longer playing a supporting role to bigger names. Czuchry plays Conrad Hawkins and has been in the role since the show’s beginning in 2018. The medical drama isn’t reinventing the wheel, so to speak. There are a lot of similar shows out there, including Grey’s Anatomy, and Chicago Med. 

As with most medical dramas, the personal lives of the hospital staff is the main focus of the show, with their work in the hospital facilitating some of the plot lines.

In The Resident, Czuchry’s character explores the ethical situations most new doctors find themselves in. Having just left school, Hawkins isn’t exactly prepared for all the implications of the real-world decisions he will have to make. Czuchry stars alongside Emily VanCamp.