‘The Great British Baking Show’: The 1 Kitchen Tool Mary Berry Can’t Live Without

Most celebrity chefs have their quirks and eccentricities, including funny catchphrases and unique dishes they prepare. And almost all of them reach for favorite kitchen tools over and over again while they’re doing what they do best.

The Great British Baking Show has developed quite the following both in the United Kingdom and across the pond in the United States. Former show host Mary Berry is like the sweet grandmother we’ve never had and watching her whip up delectable treats is truly mesmerizing. Berry certainly knows her way around a kitchen.

What’s her favorite indispensable kitchen tool? The answer is something you might already own.

Mary Berry
Mary Berry | David M. Benett/Getty Images

Who is Mary Berry?

Mary Rosa Alleyne Hunnings was born Mary Berry and still uses that as her professional name. She’s a British food writer and television presenter who became hooked on cooking during a domestic science class at school and later went on to train at The Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Berry overcame polio as a child and never let her resulting disabilities hold her back from achieving her dream. The so-called Queen of Cakes is internationally recognized, most notably for her work on The Great British Baking Show (which is called The Great British Bake Off in the United Kingdom).

Mary Berry’s must-have kitchen tool

Mary Berry
Mary Berry | Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

As an avid baker, it’s no surprise that Mary Berry can’t live without her stand mixer. When asked by the Independent which kitchen tool she can’t live without, Berry had a very predictable answer.

“Since I make a lot of cakes, my KitchenAid mixer – there are other mixers which are just a good, but it is a lot quieter than most. I’ve got enough noise in my family without gadgets contributing to it,” Berry said.

Luckily, the brand Berry prefers is available both in the U.K. and in the United States.

There’s one weird thing she can’t stand

While most people would think nothing of being served food on a plate, it’s one thing that Berry cited as a pet peeve.

“I can’t bear plated food – by that I mean, when you’re in a restaurant and someone puts a plate in front of you with the meat, gravy and vegetables already served,” Berry told The Independent. “It makes you feel like you’re at school again: you should be allowed to help yourself.”

Berry keeps a few essentials in her cupboard at all times

Mary Berry
Mary Berry | MelMedia/GC Images

Like so many other chefs, Berry always has a few items on hand in case she needs to whip up a gourmet meal in a hurry. But instead of stashing these items in the pantry, she utilizes the freezer to prolong the shelf life.

“I use my freezer as my store cupboard,” Berry explained. “I always have milk and bread in there, as I live in the countryside and don’t always want to have to make a trip to the shops, as well as home-made soup, a big bag of home-made croutons and nuts – pine nuts, walnuts, pecans.”

Berry insists that her foods last longer but still taste just as good in their frozen state. “They retain their flavour for five years if they’re well-wrapped. And if I have leftover wine in a bottle, I’ll reduce and freeze it, because it’s great to add to gravy to cheer it up,” Berry confirmed.

With a mixer, a freezer, and a good attitude, you can bake just like Mary Berry.