The Heartbreaking Details Behind Future and Ciara’s Breakup

Breakups are hard. Especially when children are involved. It’s not easy for anyone to start over, and usually breakups don’t happen because there are no more feelings. Things might not work out for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes lifestyles aren’t compatible. 

In some cases, infidelity leads to couples splitting up. In the case of Ciara and Future, it seems that may have been why they split. There were rumors that Future was unfaithful to his then fiancé, and shortly after they called off their engagement. While this was five years ago, Ciara still remembers how difficult their separation was. 

Ciara cried a lot after breaking up with Future

Future (left), wearing glasses and a black suit with Ciara (right) looking off camera in a gold jeweled dress
Future and Ciara | Lars Niki/Getty Images

The singer recently opened up about her separation from Future. She told the ladies of The Red Table Talk everything. She got really personal, even though that meant reliving a lot of her pain. 

It may be hard for fans to hear, but Ciara shed a lot of tears over Future. “I’d have moments when I would be in the shower, I’d be crying. I had a few different settings — crying in the bedroom, crying in the shower … crying because I’m not in the happiest place, and it hurts what I’m going through.”

It’s no wonder Ciara hurt. She and Future were together for two years, and already had a son together. They were planning their wedding, and Ciara may have already picked out a dress. 

Ciara felt like a bad mother 

Ciara’s son, also named Future, was born before she and the rapper Future broke up. That left her to face a breakup and being a single mom all at the same time. She struggled with feelings of inadequacy. Since her parents were together for her childhood, she had no experience with co-parenting, and felt guilty that she wasn’t able to give her child what she had. 

To add insult to injury, Ciara had to deal with all this being public knowledge. Everything played out in the public eye, since Ciara and her ex fiance are famous. That just led to her feelings of being a bad mother. As she put it, “‘I feel like I’m failing right now. Other people, they’re gonna roast me. Here they come in the comment section. I’m about to get fried.'”

Future and Ciara have both moved on 

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Ciara found the lasting love she was looking for shortly after breaking up with Future. Her now husband, Russell Wilson, is helping her raise her first son, Future. She also had another child, a daughter, with Wilson. Fans can expect her to add more kids to her brood. According to Ciara, “If you would ask Russell, we have, like, five more kids to make. I do look forward to having another baby. I would hope that I could have at least two more. I love kids. I love being a mom.”

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Future has been linked to multiple women since he and Ciara split, although none of them have been as famous as her. He has five children with different mothers. His latest son, a boy named Hendrix, was conceived with model Joie Chavis. 

He’s also been linked to Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter. Lori was also linked to rapper Diddy just a few months ago. Their relationships made a lot of headlines because of the age gap. Diddy is 27 years older than the 22- year -old model. Plus, Lori previously dated Diddy’s son, Justin.

Future is closer in age to Lori, but they’re still 15 years apart. Either way, hopefully Future will find love the way Ciara did with Wilson.