The Heartwarming Reason Jack Black is Quitting Acting

When an actor starts talking about retirement, there may be more than a few eye rolls at yet another celebrity who thinks they’ll never make another movie. Hearing it from Jack Black may bring more of a jaw drop, considering his ubiquitous presence in nearly every fun movie of the last decade.

Black recently announced he’s looking for an exit from acting because he’s been spending far too much time away from his family. Yes, this sounds overly familiar when so many Hollywood families are in the same situation.

Not that Black is being overly definitive on saying he’ll retire. It’s all contingent on what comes next. Plus, he’s also going the route of other A-list stars in wanting to work in a different medium from theatrical releases.

Jack Black should be commended for wanting to be with his family

Jack Black at the premiere of 'Jumanji: The Next Level'
Jack Black | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Making movies is one of the most grueling things anyone in the entertainment field can do by way of wreaking havoc with schedules. Not all movies are made directly in Hollywood anymore, and they usually require going overseas or to other remote places for on-location shoots. Sometimes this means filming in grueling conditions, not including considerable time spent in studios working with green screen technologies.

Most of Jack Black’s movies require some element of CGI since they usually fall under the category of fantasy. His latest film, Jumanji: The Next Level, was a complicated shoot involving more CGI than he’s probably done in a while.

This film may also be his last, according to Black himself. In his recent interview, he spouted the “retirement” word out of fear that he’s been away from his family far too long. After all, he does have two kids and has been married for 13 years to Tanya Haden, the daughter of legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden.

Based on Black’s comment, he misses being home in L.A., even though he does have a solution so many other actors are starting to take on.

Will Jack Black transition over to television?

The idea that television is the new movie theater (again) is no longer a statement considered hyperbole. With HBO and streaming services offering big-budget productions, it’s starting to make the big screen in a theater seem almost superfluous. Not that people still don’t go to movie theaters for a communal experience with strangers.

Moving to TV would be ideal for Jack Black because it would allow him (presumably) to work directly in Los Angeles with a 9 to 5 schedule. An actor’s desire to work a regular shift and come home to their wife and kids is becoming the new sought-after American actor dream. Many have already found this work for them (see Mark Harmon on NCIS), making it no surprise why so many A-list stars are doing streaming shows and cable series.

Would Black fit into that mold, or is he only destined for movies usually deemed over-the-top fantasy/comedies? Since a good majority of the shows succeeding in streaming and cable are dramas, he might have to remake himself.

Based on one comment he made about working for a specific director, such a thing might become possible.

Can Jack Black do drama, or should he stick with comedy?

It’s been rare to see Jack Black do a drama in any shape or form. Back in the 1990s (before becoming a big star), he’d sometimes act in Indie dramas. Nevertheless, it’s been 20 years since he’s really done dramatic acting, something that could be amended if he acted in a Quentin Tarantino film as he says he’d like to do.

Doing this would be his only exception to doing more movies. Otherwise, there’s a chance Black won’t be seen on the big-screen much anymore if the retirement rumors hold up. Giving him a good drama or comedy to act in for HBO or streaming would be ideal, though. He could be a potential Emmy winner if he finds the right vehicle to showcase everything he’s been proven to do in movies.

Only typecasting might hurt him in being considered for a TV show. All the more reason producers should go back and reanalyze Jack Black’s filmography to see how diverse he’s really been.

If the Tarantino idea fails, then maybe he really will retire and be home with his family for the rest of his life. Yet, keep in mind that almost 99% of actors who’ve said they’d retire ended up coming back. Bet on Black staying in the showbiz fray in some capacity, perhaps in a medium reinventing his usual devious persona.