The Hilarious Way Ashton Kutcher Says He Would Prank Billie Eilish

Ashton Kutcher recently spoke about his days on the show Punk’d when he appeared on The Late Late Show. Read on to learn about how Kutcher says he’d prank Billie Eilish if he was allowed to be in charge of the show’s return.

‘Punk’d’ will return in a new way

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for WeWork

MTV is bringing back Punk’d, but on the new mobile-streaming platform Quibi. The show will have 20 new episodes and they’ll be in bite-sized pieces under 10 minutes in length with Chance the Rapper as the host. Kutcher won’t be a part of this new venture, but he revealed how he’d handle things if given the chance.

Ashton Kutcher’s idea to prank Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

“I was, like, thinking, if I did it, I would probably, like, go get, like, Billie Eilish or something and I would create, like, a bit and I would call it, like ‘Bad Guy,’” Kutcher explained to the host James Corden. “And the idea would be as, like, the CIA would show up at her house and be, like, ‘Listen, we need your help with an issue that we’re having. Have you ever heard of [Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia] Mohammad bin Salaam?’”

Kutcher’s idea didn’t stop there. “And, like, then, like force her to put, like, a wire…being like, ‘His daughter’s a huge fan of yours,’” Kutcher continued. “’We need you to put this wiretap in his hotel room.’ And, like, take her there and have the FBI or, like, the CIA person be, like, ‘I’ll be there and give you the signal when you’re clear to do it.’”

The prank would go even further to hear Kutcher tell it. “And, like, literally, like, bring it,” Kutcher continued to explain. “And the actor playing Mohammad bin Salaam be like, ‘What is this?’ And then all of a sudden the chase ensues and, like, it turns into, like, a full-length thing…To me, like, go big or go home, right?”

Kutcher’s thoughts on the new version of ‘Punk’d’

The new show will be in smaller bits and Kutcher weighed in on how it will differ from the show that he hosted. “It’s like these small episodes and I don’t quite understand how they’re gonna make it bigger than what it was,” Kutcher commented. “Because it’s like back in the day we got Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake and all of these like big sharks. I don’t think you can get, like, ‘bigger stars,’ so you would kind of have to, like, do bigger pranks, right?”

Ashton Kutcher wasn’t told about the reboot

Apparently, Kutcher wasn’t notified about the new reboot of the show that many still remember him hosting. “Nobody called me, nobody asked me,” Ashton explained. “I mean, I love Chance the Rapper. I think he’s amazing. I didn’t even know it was happening…I kind of found out, I was flipping through the news on the phone. I was like, ‘Oh, they’re doing Punk’d!’”

It will be interesting to see the differences and similarities between the new reboot of Punk’d and the show’s glory days. Many still think of the series with fond memories laughing with friends at the hilarious pranks that would happen. People are excited to see what this new version of the series brings to the table.