The Hospital From ‘Scrubs’ Also Appears in a Famous Early 2000s Movie

Britney Spears became popular in mainstream media for her talent in creating pop music. She made her acting debut when she starred in Crossroads. She acted alongside Taryn Manning and Zoe Saldana, but the three lost touch over the years. 

In the film, the characters end up in the hospital. That hospital is none other than the one used to film for the TV show Scrubs. Today, the building is no longer around for people to visit. 

Britney Spears was in the film ‘Crossroads’

Crossroads is a film from 2002, and it stars Spears. It is a comedy movie that takes place in Georgia. Three high schoolers, Lucy, Kit, and Mimi, set on a road trip across the country. Each one of them has a goal to meet as they head over to California. 

They experience revelations as they reach a couple of their destinations. The trio grows closer together after experiencing hardships. The movie is primarily a coming-of-age story and contains heavy topics. 

Spears brings her musical talent to Crossroads when she performs some songs. At the end of the film, viewers can listen to her sing “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” Another one she sings is a cover of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.” 

Many fans were probably confused by the pop star’s choice of music. Even the original singer did not understand why Spears made a cover of the rock song. The pop star mentioned in an interview that she thought the classic hit was empowering. Still, Spears’ version did have an appeal to some people. 

The hospital from ‘Scrubs’ was in ‘Crossroads’

A rock song from the 1980s is not the only thing that appears in Crossroads. People who love the television show Scrubs may recognize a building that shows up in the movie.

According to BuzzFeed, the hospital from the series made a brief appearance in the film. 

One of the characters is pregnant until she falls down the stairs. She is taken to a hospital but loses the baby. The hospital scene is the only time when the well-known building shows up in the film. 

The building was a real hospital instead of a constructed set. While Scrubs takes place at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital, the building itself used to be the North Hollywood Medical Center. It is why the show looks like it is in a realistic medical facility. 

The building used to be in operation from 1952 to 1998. The showrunners used the entire building, with many of the rooms getting used as office spaces for the cast and crew. The hospital is not the only reason why critics consider Scrubs to be one of the most accurate medical shows. However, it does add realism. 

The famous ‘Scrubs’ hospital was torn down

Donald Faison and Zach Braff
Donald Faison and Zach Braff | Michael Ansell/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

How ‘Scrubs’ Managed to Get So Many of Its Medical Storylines Right

A lot of shows and films have actual locations where they filmed. It is common for people to visit those places where the magic happened. Unfortunately, fans will not be able to get a tour around Sacred Heart Hospital. 

The hospital closed in 1998, which is why it was a perfect location to film when Scrubs started. Fans may remember that in season nine, the characters moved to a new facility. They stated that the old hospital got torn down and rebuilt. 

It turns out that the plot point was not too far from the truth. In real life, the building got demolished. However, it did not get destroyed until a couple of years after the series had ended. Fans might not be able to walk inside the building, but they may be able to stop by the location where it once stood.