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We volunteer as tribute. Author Suzanne Collins brings readers back into the world of Panem with a new prequel novel. Will this story include Katniss Everdeen? What is the release date for the book? Here’s what we know about the prequel to The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence attends the ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2’ | Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

The original ‘The Hunger Games’ book by Suzanne Collins came out about 10 years ago

No one wants to live in a world where children fight to the death on a publicly televised event. Yet, a novel about that dystopian world became a best-seller. Suzanne Collins wrote her novel, The Hunger Games, in 2008. Since then, it exploded into a cultural phenomenon, jump-starting the career of the actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

After a 10-year run of the original Hunger Games award-winning books and movies, Suzanne Collins is bringing readers back into the dystopian world of Panem. This time, the story will not feature the bow and arrow-wielding Katniss Everdeen.

“With this book, I wanted to explore the state of nature, who we are, and what we perceive is required for our survival,” author Suzanne Collins said. “The reconstruction period 10 years after the war, commonly referred to as the Dark Days, as the country of Panem struggles back to its feet, provides fertile ground for characters to grapple with these questions and thereby define their views of humanity.”

Hunger Games
Writer Suzanne Collins, director Francis Lawrence and actor Josh Hutcherson | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When will Suzanne Collins release the prequel?

On June 17, Scholastic’s Twitter account posted the big announcement. The world of The Hunger Games just got a little bit bigger — Suzanne Collins is writing another novel.

“Exciting news, Hunger Games fans: A prequel novel set 64 years before the events of The Hunger Games is coming May 2020,” tweeted Scholastic.As stated in Scholastic’s Tweet, this book will be set 64 years before the original The Hunger Games. Some fans pointed out that Mags, Finnick Odair’s mentor, was in the 11th annual Hunger Games. However, this novel will take place during the 10th annual Hunger Games.

“Suzanne Collins is a master at combining brilliant storytelling, superb world-building, breathtaking suspense, and social commentary,” Scholastic Trade Publishing President Ellie Berger said in a statement. “We are absolutely thrilled, as both readers and publishers, to introduce the devoted fans of the series and a new audience to an entirely new perspective on this modern classic.”

Hunger Games
Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jena Malone | Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Would Jennifer Lawrence star in more ‘The Hunger Games’ movies?

This prequel novel will take place long before Katniss Everdeen stepped into the arena. It is presumed that these movies will not include Katniss Everdeen, played by actress Jennifer Lawrence.

According to Forbes, Lionsgate, the original studio that produced The Hunger Games movies, would partner with Suzanne Collins to create a movie version of this prequel. The Hunger Games was one of Lionsgate’s most successful movies, earning $409 million domestic and $694 million worldwide on an $80 million budget.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth each earned awards for their work on The Hunger Games. That includes the MTV Movie & TV Award for “Best Fight,” won by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence starred as Mystique in the X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix.

The prequel to The Hunger Games premieres in May 2020.