The Internet Can’t Help but Ship Brad Pitt and Regina King After Their Sweet Encounter at the 2020 Oscars

Move over Jennifer Aniston because it appears to fans that Brad Pitt has his eyes set on actress Regina King.

After the Hollywood actors were spotted hanging out together at the 2020 Academy Awards, many people are convinced these two have an undeniable connection and could become more than just friends in the near future.

Regina King and Brad Pitt
Regina King and Brad Pitt | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Fans are already coming up with Pit and King fanfiction

Pitt may be enjoying the single lifestyle at the moment, but many of us are all for him trying his hand at love once again — especially with Regina King.

The pair were spotted getting being pretty friendly with each other at this year’s Oscars, which immediately led fans to believe that there’s a definite spark between them.

It all started when the If Beale Street Could Talk actress presented the Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood star with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

After his name was announced, Pitt cheerfully made his way up to King, who was beaming with happiness onstage.

As Pitt gave his acceptance speech, King stood to the side, giving the actor — what fans believe was — a lovey-dovey look and quite honestly, who could blame her?

After the actor’s speech, the pair walked off stage together as King’s hand was comfortably placed on Pitt’s back. Oh, and let’s not forget about the eye contact they were giving each other.

Following their moment on stage, photographers snapped a few photos of the pair laughing and having some friendly banter backstage.

Brad Pitt and Regina King
Regina King and Brad Pitt | Richard Harbaugh – Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images

Of course, after seeing these snapshots, fans immediately took to Twitter to share how much they were LIVING for King and Pitt’s special Oscars moment.

Although a few people were a little jealous that the actress was able to spend 45 seconds alone with the incredibly handsome actor, others were convinced that this was the beginning of a new Hollywood love story.

“Regina King just had 45 seconds with Brad Pitt that I’ll never have,” one fan tweeted.

“Is anyone else now wanting Brad Pitt and Regina King to get together? I’m just saying I felt some chemistry. No? Just me?” another fan wrote.

People really want King and Pitt to star in a RomCom together

Some fans are even calling for the actors to star together in a romantic comedy, seeing as though they’ve proved that they have chemistry.

“Someone immediately make a romantic comedy starring Regina King and Brad Pitt. POST HASTE!” one person penned.

A few even started to pitch ideas for a romantic film that they not only want Pitt and King to star in but also Avengers star Chris Evans.

“Ok when are getting the sexy comedy/thriller with Regina King and Brad Pitt and Chris Evans? It is what we deserve,” another fan expressed.

Even if King and Pitt don’t get to star together in a romance film, we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them strike up a romantic relationship later down the line.