The Internet Is Disgusted With Blac Chyna’s Mom For Recent Comments About Black Women On Welfare

Tokyo Toni’s name is trending, and this time, it’s not related to drama with her famous daughter, Blac Chyna. The mother-daughter duo have had a contentious relationship at times, with Toni criticizing Chyna’s parenting skills and accusing Rob Kardashian’s ex of keeping her grandchildren away from her. Social media users are showing Toni no sympathy after a video of her speaking negatively about Black women has been circling the blogosphere. 

Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni
Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni via Twitter

Tokyo Toni goes on a social media rant degrading Black women

For whatever reason, Toni opted to share her views on Black women and their relation to the welfare system, her political affiliation, and her disgust with Black women who she feels are a poor example. Complete with a hair weave and her signature bright red lipstick, she posted a video that has been shared throughout all social media platforms.

Tokyo Toni
Tokyo Toni via Twitter

“I don’t wanna f*** with these h*** especially these Black b***** you out yo f***** mind. I need me some Latinos. My kind, my girls. I need my own kind from now on. I’m sorry, I’m not tryna be funny. I need Latinos. I don’t wanna deal with no more black b*****,” she said in part.

“Look at you just sitting up there on welfare. Ya mother, ya grandmother, all you motherf****,” she continued. “Generational wealth of welfare. Ya f**** kids stupid don’t know a second language but you buy the top hair weave.”

She also made sarcastic remarks about Black people protesting across the country for racial equality and for police reform, saying, “Take your black power black panther a*** on. Go on and march on down the street and all of that s***.”

Social media users react to Tokyo Toni’s remarks

Once Toni’s video made rounds, the backlash was swift and intense. Not only were her comments ruled as offensive, but she was also called out for being hypocritical for being part of the same behavior she spoke so degrading of.

“The gag is, Tokyo Toni is the “miserable bl*ck bitch” she’s referring to,” one wrote on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

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Others brought up Toni’s checkered past, making comparisons to the type of woman she spoke of in her rant.

“The person with low self-esteem is the person, in the video. 1. Long FAKE weave. 2. Wearing tons of makeup. Also… Is this #TokyoToni…#blacchyna’s mom? Wasn’t she a #crackhead, and a prostitute? I rest my case,” wrote another Twitter user.

Source: Twitter

“But Tokyo Toni didn’t you abandon…? And aren’t a Black Wo…? Are you not wearing a…? You do know you’re the embodiment of the exact stereotype you’re criticizing right,” one Twitter user questioned. “You call black women dumb but still can’t color inside the lines. Look at your lipstick h*e.”

Source: Twitter

A few users made reference to Chyna’s appearance, which they say has changed drastically over the years and attribute[s] her getting plastic surgery to Toni’s worldview on beauty.

“No wonder Chynas bleached so badly, is it any surprise with Tokyo Toni’s views of black women that her own child is shotting bleaching pills on IG and promoting it in Africa for an easy coin because of the high % of colorist ideas of beauty and success,” one questioned.
Source: Twitter

Neither Toni nor Chyna have commented on the response from Toni’s video.