‘The Invisible Man’: Fans Agree, This Instant Horror Classic is a Must-Watch Movie

In an era of remakes, reboots, and revivals, one 2020 redux wowed fans with a unique take on a classic scary story. The Invisible Man took theaters by storm and has maintained the positive buzz into its digital release cycle. For those who haven’t yet seen the horror thriller, here’s some background on the film and a few telling tweets about why The Invisible Man is a must-see movie. No spoilers – we promise.

Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

What is ‘The Invisible Man’ About?

The Invisible Man is based on the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells, which was published in 1897. In the book, a man invents a chemical solution that renders him invisible and also spurs his descent into madness.

Since the book’s release, there have been several films and television series influenced by the story. The first such film was Universal’s 1933 motion picture, The Invisible Man. Fittingly, the same studio also released the modernized version in Feb. 2020.

The film stars Elisabeth Moss as a woman who believes she is being stalked by her tech-savvy, domineering ex, who has somehow managed to turn himself invisible. Aldis Hodge portrays her childhood friend, ally, and confidant, James. Rounding out that cast, Storm Reid plays James’ daughter, Sydney, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen stars as Adrian, the Invisible Man.

What are fans saying about ‘The Invisible Man’?

The Invisible Man became an instant critical and commercial hit, winning rave reviews. The film is Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, with a whopping 91% on the Tomatometer and an 88% Audience Score. With the digital release date approaching, the Twitter chatter about The Invisible Man has continued. Here’s what fans are saying.

“Clark Collis thinks 2020’s best horror movie is The Invisible Man,” tweeted a Senior Writer for Entertainment Weekly.

 “The Invisible Man is great! Really well-written with superb performance from Elisabeth Moss. Really scary with a story that resonates,” noted a different writer.

Another reviewer wrote, “Expected a pretty predictable by the numbers thriller. Pleasantly surprised by some of the twists, turns, and places it goes. Elisabeth Moss is just great, as ever.”

Not only did Moss receive rave reviews as usual for her stellar acting, but many fans also began to take notice of her remarkably talented and — until recently — underrated co-star, Hodge.

“Aldis Hodge’s arms are the breakout stars of The Invisible Man,” quipped one writer.

“Omg. For the millionth time I ask, how is this man not a superstar?,” pondered a fan.

When will the movie be available to rent and purchase?

The Invisible Man was so good, I’d watch it again,” tweeted one follower. Luckily, for eager fans, there are a few available options for those who want to relive the terror of the film. The Invisible Man is currently available to rent from various streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU.

Traditionalists who would like to bring home a hard copy are also in luck. The studio behind the movie tweeted this: “Did you catch this Easter Egg in The Invisible Man?  The Certified Fresh hit is yours to own on Digital May 12 [and] Blu-ray May 26.”

Fans responded to the tweet enthusiastically, like this one who replied, “Yes. That was a great Easter Egg as well as the coat, hat, and goggles in Sydney’s room. Can’t wait for the next movie for The Dark Universe.

“Just watched it on Amazon Prime. Loved It. Loads of surprises and tension. Well done,” tweeted another.

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