‘The Kardashians’ Episode 5: ‘Who is Kim K?’ Shows Kim Kardashian Prepare for the Baby Bar

Hulu’s The Kardashians returns this week with episode 5, “Who is Kim K?” Fans watch as Kim prepares to take the baby bar. She’s so serious about it she’s banned fun from her life until she officially passes the test. Kendall Jenner embarks on her health journey with none other than Haley Bieber, and everyone else pussyfoots around Scott Disick and no long invites him to family events. Let’s get to it.

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Kardashians Episode 5 “Who is Kim K?”]

Kim Kardashian wears a black shirt and eats cereal as she prepares for the baby bar in 'The Kardashians' Episode 5 'Who is Kim K?'
Kim anxiously prepares for her final attempt at the bar exam. in ‘Who is Kim K?’ | Photo courtesy of Hulu

The fourth time’s the charm for Kim Kardashian in ‘Who is Kim K?’

When we meet up with the Kardashians in episode 5, Kim prepares for the baby bar exam. It also happens to be her birthday, but the baby bar comes first. She tells producers, “I am 41 today, and the only thing on my mind is taking the baby bar, and it’s coming up any minute. This is my last chance to take this test, and if I don’t pass then my whole law school journey is over.”

She explains that last year before she took the test, she celebrated her birthday with a trip and made that a priority. This time she only wants to focus on the exam and nothing else. That means no parties, no human interaction, nothing. Of course, no one tells Kris Jenner no, so she shows up with an entire group of people, giant balloons, and Kim’s favorite food.

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Kendall Jenner’s bout with the coronavirus (COVID-19) left her with some lingering symptoms

In The Kardashians Episode 1, “Burn Them All to the F***ing Ground,” we learned Kendall was recently diagnosed with the coronavirus. She appeared in the following episodes, and in “Who is Kim K?” she explains that while she didn’t feel that bad when she had the virus, her recovery was tough. That’s why she and Haley Bieber spend a day getting IV bags in Miami.

“I’ve been a hypochondriac my whole life. Literally, since I can remember, I’ve been a hypochondriac. So, I am obsessed with health right now. It’s my number one priority, I’d say. To the point where I’m eating myself alive thinking about my health,” Kendall tells the cameras.

Kendall explains her worries about her higher cortisone levels. Haley Bieber talks about her plans to get NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), so she never ages. Just a typical girl’s day for the average person.

Scott Disick is appalled he’s no longer invited to family functions now that he’s no longer part of the family in ‘Who is Kim K?’

When a couple divorces, most people retreat to their separate groups of friends. However, Scott believes that because one time Kris told him she thought of him as her blood-related son, he is invited to every family function with them until the end of time. When Kris invites him out to lunch at Maria’s Italian Kitchen for her birthday, Scott’s sixth sense tells him there’s a Kardashian party in the works, and he’s not invited. (He’s right, even though Kris desperately tries to skate around the topic.)

Kris feels bad and talks to Kourtney about inviting him to her birthday dinner. Kourtney obviously agrees because it gives her a chance to show Scott how she and Travis are now in love. Later, Scott calls out Kendall for not inviting him to her birthday party. Basically, the entirety of “Who is Kim K?” is just Scott being mad about not getting invited to random birthday parties. 

As Kendall leaves angry, the credits roll. Will Scott and his former family work things out? Tune in next week to find out in our weekly recap of The Kardashians.

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