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The Kardashians have come under fire severally throughout their careers for their heavy use of filters. Although the famous family didn’t necessarily invent filters and photo and video editing, they sure did make it popular.

Fans have called out the Kardashians for perpetuating unattainable beauty standards. The family recently released a trailer for their upcoming show, proving they aren’t concerned with what critics think. Now fans feel turned off by the show even before it started due to the heavy filters.

Kim Kardashian in a screenshot from episode 101 of Hulu's 'The Kardashians'
Kim Kardashian in a scene from ‘The Kardashians’ | Hulu

Fans don’t like the heavy use of filters in ‘The Kardashians’ trailer

Hulu dropped the much-anticipated trailer for The Kardashians in March, and although the scenes and the family look stunning, fans can’t help point out the obvious editing. Recently a fan on Reddit posted a screengrab of the family’s matriarch Kris. The photo looked highly edited to the extent of almost being blurry.

The user asked, “Anyone else turned off by the heavy filters on the Hulu show?” They admitted that they were curious about what the Kardashians had to offer in their new show but immediately confirmed that the new show would still feature heavily scripted storylines to better suit the narrative the family wants to put out.

Several Reddit users agreed with the original poster with one saying, “It’s like my screen is greasy.” One fan urged the family to release an animated show if they feel too insecure to let the world see the real them. One fan compared the heavy filters to the ’80s when productions back then would smear Vaseline on camera to achieve a filter effect.

A user said, “The filters look so unnatural. If they are that insecure, they should just end the show at this point.” Another user pointed out that Kris is in her late ’60s, and nobody expects her not to have a couple of wrinkles.

Many users said they wouldn’t be watching the show, while others pointed out that the editing might not be an error on the Kardashians’ part but on the networks’.

The Kardashians explain what the new show will tackle

The Kardashians came into the spotlight due to their hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired on E! The show ran for 20 seasons and helped propel the sisters into superstardom. KUWTK ended in June 2021, but soon after, the famous family revealed that they had another show in the works.

The new series titled The Kardashians dropped on April 14, 2021, and as the family says, it gives a deeper insight into the ins and outs of the family. In a Variety interview, Kris Jenner, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardashian revealed that the Hulu show would run for two seasons and be filmed documentary-style.

The show is set to tackle topics like the recently concluded divorce proceedings between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Khloé’s tumultuous relationship with basketball player Tristan Thompson, Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with Travis Barker, and Kylie’s motherhood journey.

The production notes that although The Kardashians will follow a similar format to their previous show, KUWTK, it will have a different feel and build on the legacy of the last show. A significant difference between the two shows, according to production, is that The Kardashians will be “as current as possible,” and the family will be able to respond to events (and scandals) sooner.

Money might have made the switch possible


‘The Kardashians’: When to Watch Hulu’s New Show Starring the Famous Family

Although it’s still not known how much the Kardashians will make for their new show, it seems money might have played a significant role in the decision to move from E! to Hulu.

Khloé admitted in an interview that money “definitely played a factor because we give so much of our personal lives up for entertainment.” She, however, said that they don’t just take all offers and that “it has to be a good fit.”