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The King of Queens was all about Carrie and Doug Heffernan’s life together. By the time viewers meet the pair, they are already married, own a home together, and appear to be settled into their relationship. All that is thrown into the air when Arthur Spooner, Carrie’s wacky father, moves into their basement after setting his own home on fire. You would think that a show all about a married couple would have figured out how the pair met, but The King of Queens didn’t manage to do that. After nine seasons, fans are still confused about how Carrie and Doug came to be.  

Carrie first suggested that she had a long history with Doug

In season one, fans are given their first glimpse into Doug and Carrie’s relationship history. In one episode, Carrie suggests that a song playing on the television was “their song” because it was the song playing at a junior high dance they both attended. According to Carrie’s retelling of events, Doug asked Carrie to dance while the song was playing, and she gave him the finger.

Based on Carrie’s memory, she and Doug attended the same schools. That would make sense, since both Doug and Carrie grew up in Queens, although it’s never noted if they called the same neighborhood home. If they did grow up in the same neighborhood, it would make sense that they would have attended the same public schools; however, the series later suggested the couple met much later in life.

It was later revealed that Doug and Carrie met at a bar

In a later episode, Carrie and Doug, again, recount how they met, and it wasn’t in junior high. In the second season, Carrie notes that she only met Doug because his friend, Richie, asked her out on a date. She accepted the offer on the condition that her friend, Lynn, could come along, according to the Fandom TV Community. Doug agreed to a double date as a favor to Richie.

Doug and Carrie Hefferrnan of 'The King of Queens'
Doug Heffernan and Carrie Heffernan | RON P. JAFFE/CBS via Getty Images

The couple’s meeting certainly wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, they appeared to have a mutual disdain for one another at first, but it all worked out in the end. After all, they did end up married.

Continuity issues aren’t uncommon in the series

So, exactly how did Carrie and Doug meet? It’s hard to say. It’s possible that they knew each other as kids, only to meet up again as 20-somethings, although neither character ever suggests that is what happened. It seems likely that the two different origin stories was a minor continuity issue. The series wasn’t immune to them.

In fact, The King of Queens, as well as several other famed series, had multiple continuity issues. In the series, Arthur suggests he doesn’t know how to play the piano when he previously was seen playing the piano. The Heffernan’s also had a dog that suddenly disappeared, and neighbors who moved away then moved back without an explanation, according to Screen Rant.