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Jenelle Evans’ career isn’t the only thing that is sinking. Her home is well on its way to disappearing into swampland, too. Back in January 2018, the mother of three noted that there were serious issues with the house she shares with Eason. Fractures in the walls, improperly closing doors and serious drainage problems were only a few of the issues that cropped up during their short tenure on the property.

While Jenelle and David talked a big game about suing a slew of people who worked on the property, it seems like the land was probably unsuitable for the structure and their implied plans from the very start. So, what is happening now?

A fan notes that the couple could have quickly figured out the property was unsuitable

A Reddit user who was actively involved in a different build project pointed out that the USDA offers information about the soil on parcels of land. They took a look at what Jenelle and David were dealing with. The report notes that the ground on “the land’ is utterly unsuitable for a dwelling. In fact, the report notes that any structure on the property would require a large amount of soil reclamation or heavy maintenance to prevent sinking and other issues.

The report goes on to note that water can be found just one foot down from the soil, meaning Jenelle and David effectively purchased swampland, then placed a modular home on top of it. The fractures in the walls and molding are common for a home that is effectively sinking into the ground.

Is there a way to rectify the situation?

According to a building inspector, Jenelle and David would need to install a French pipe system. The drainage system would redirect water away from the foundation of the house. It would also help to stabilize the soil under the home. Another option would be to lift up the home and place more suitable soil underneath as a buffer between the home’s foundation and the unsuitable ground below it.

Radar was able to get their hands on the building report. The report also notes that water pools in one area of the property, which could be rectified with more soil. Whether or not Jenelle and David have made the necessary changes is unknown, although they were in a battle with the modular home company they worked with the last time the issues were mentioned.

Are Jenelle and David still living in the home?

The house in question is the same home that they have set up a homesteading project on. It is also the same property where Nugget was killed by David Eason, and the same residence that the children were removed from.

It doesn’t look like Eason and Evans have any plans on leaving the property. In fact, they appear more resolute than ever before in staying and making it work, somehow. Whether or not the house will survive remains to be seen, though.