‘The Last Kingdom’: David Dawson Talks About King Alfred’s Quest ‘to Be His Best’

In The Last Kingdom, fans still discuss King Alfred’s (David Dawson) influence in the series and how his presence is missed. Alfred becomes the King of Wessex after the death of his brother. He’s chosen as the successor and he makes a name for himself with the help of Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon). He’s a flawed character that is trying to do what he thinks is best for his kingdom and his dream of a united England.

King Alfred makes a name for himself

David Dawson
David Dawson | Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Alfred becomes the ruler of Wessex and he is quickly known as someone not to be toyed with. He gains a powerful ally in Uhtred who helps him secure victory on more than one occasion. His end game is to write everything down, including his own history to ensure his legend. It’s an extremely important goal for Alfred to be remembered and Uhtred helps him to do that as a powerful friend.

David Dawson talks about King Alfred’s quest ‘to be his best’

David Dawson spoke with Variety about the series and he was asked about Alfred’s persistent need to try and be a good person. However, he’s flawed and he has a tendency to cheat on his wife, Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth). He’s also known for his “self-loathing” and need to always look out for himself before others.

“That’s something you often don’t see,” Dawson said. “I think he’s trying to be his best. He’s an adulterer, but he’s quite self-loathing. Every day, he’s trying to do the best for his people and for his god. His dream is for the better of the people, but at the same time he can be ruthless and cold and manipulative.”

King Alfred and Uhtred’s relationship is important to the story

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An integral part of the series is Alfred’s complicated relationship with Uhtred. These men need each other, but they couldn’t be more different. It brings up constant conflict between them. Dawson says he loves the fact that they need each other but also dislike each other so much.

“That’s what I love about the story; these two men loathe each other, but need each other desperately. That’s what fascinated me about their relationship,” Dawson said.

King Alfred dies in season 3

Alfred meets his end in season 3, but not before he’s able to patch things up with Uhtred after their latest falling out. After Uhtred threatens Alfred’s life, he runs as an outlaw. But eventually he returns to Wessex to speak with Alfred, who is extremely ill.

They make amends, and it’s a touching moment between them both. Alfred admits that he wouldn’t be where he is without Uhtred’s assistance over the years. Uhtred isn’t mentioned in Alfred’s chronicle of his reign, but he admits that he wouldn’t be remembered if it weren’t for Uhtred and everything he’s done for Wessex and Alfred in particular.

Alfred passes away in season 3 and it’s a hard pill for fans to swallow. He was an important character in the series and nothing will ever be the same without him.

Although King Alfred is gone, he is still dearly missed and his presence is felt in season 4 of The Last Kingdom.