‘The Last Kingdom’: Do Fans Think Osferth Would Make a Better King Than Edward?

In season 4 of The Last Kingdom, fans have differing opinions when it comes to the current King of Wessex, Edward (Timothy Innes). He’s not making the greatest decisions in the all-new season, prompting some fans to discuss whether or not Osferth (Ewan Mitchell) might make a better king. Read on to learn what fans are saying.

Who is Osferth?

Ewan Mitchell
Ewan Mitchell | Rindoff Petroff/Viteur/Getty Images

Osferth is the natural son of King Alfred the Great (David Dawson). He wasn’t born in wedlock, and his mother is Leofric’s (Adrian Bower) sister and a servant. Osferth was a novice monk in the church, but Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) takes him into his service and they’ve been close ever since. Osferth is a key member of Uhtred’s gang of warriors and friends. His sword has come in handy on more than one occasion.

Do fans think Osferth would make a better king than Edward?

Alfred is no longer alive, and his son Edward was put on the throne of Wessex. He’s had quite a difficult time in the all-new season, which has made some fans question his leadership skills. Is it possible that Osferth would make a better king than his half-brother Edward?

“I believe that Osferth would have been a way better king than Edward so far, if only he wasn’t a *******. I know Edward will improve and has made many good decisions but everybody loves the Baby Monk,” a Reddit user wrote.

Fans didn’t hold back and apparently this is quite a hot topic. Not everyone agrees that Osferth would make a better king over Edward and viewers discussed both sides of the coin.

“How does being likable mean he’d make a good king?” another Reddit user questioned. “We’ve seen no evidence of his capabilities as a ruler, so how did you arrive at this conclusion?”

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Osferth is liked by his friends and being likable is important

One fan thinks being “a great leader” is all about being liked by others, which does make sense. Osferth is liked by his friends and who is to say the people wouldn’t love him as well?

“A big part of being a great leader is being liked and respected by your subjects. It’s not everything but it’s still important,” another fan weighed in.

A fan doesn’t think Osferth, or Baby Monk, would be completely independent enough to hold such a high and important office. “Baby Monk would not have been independent enough, he would have been manipulated too easily,” a Reddit user wrote.

Osferth might let others influence him, but it would be people like Uhtred

A fan thinks Osferth would let the right people influence him, such as Uhtred and their friends as opposed to Edward who is following the advice of his evil father-in-law.

“But at least he would’ve been manipulated by the right people like Uhtred and his boys instead of negative influences such as Aethelhelm which is what Edward has been dealing with,” a viewer made a point.

Fans are understandably divided when it comes to Osferth and whether or not he would make a better king than his half-brother, Edward.