‘The Last Kingdom’: Fans Reveal Their Opinions When It Comes to a Poll Titled, ‘I’m Glad This Is an Unpopular Opinion’

In the hit series The Last Kingdom, there are numerous opinions about different aspects of the show. Fans recently weighed in on an eye-opening poll titled, “I’m glad this is an unpopular opinion.” What did fans say and what are the results of the poll? We have all the details to know about it.

Alexander Dreymon in 'The Last Kingdom'
Alexander Dreymon in ‘The Last Kingdom’ | Joe Alblas/Netflix

‘The Last Kingdom’ fans reveal their opinions when it comes to a poll titled, ‘I’m glad this is an unpopular opinion’

On August 26, 2021, a fan titled a poll on Reddit, “I’m glad this is an unpopular opinion…” 1,446 fans weighed in on the poll, with different responses. The options included are, “Brida is low-key the best but misunderstood character,” “Haesten is funny and should get more screen time,” “King Edward acts like a child,” “Princess Aethelflaed rubs me the wrong way,” and “Uhtred has himself to blame for everything.”

Some of the results are quite close, but the winner of the poll is “King Edward acts like a child” with 398 votes. Coming in at a close second is “Uhtred has himself to blame for everything” with 359 votes. In third is the option about Haesten which says, “Haesten is funny and should get more screen time” with 287 votes. In fourth place comes “Princess Aethelflaed rubs me the wrong way” with 245 votes. In last place is “Brida is low-key the best but misunderstood character” with 157 votes.

Some fans commented with thoughts

Other fans chose to comment with their own thoughts as well. One fan wonders if Uhtred had chosen his brother, Ragnar the Younger (Tobias Santelmann). Things could have been a lot different.

“I often wonder if Uhtred chose Ragnar instead of serving Alfred what his life would have been,” a fan said. “I am sure Ragnar would have helped his brother reclaim Bebbanburg after taking Dunholm.”

While another fan thinks Uhtred is the reason for many of the issues he has to deal with. “Uhtred is the main reason for much of the problems that plague him through life, his obsession with reputation only brings him misery,” the fan said.

Another fan thinks Uhtred “brought everything on himself.” “Just have to say as much as I love Uhtred, he kinda brought everything on himself as early as the first episode when he didn’t listen to any of the advice Brida gave him and did the exact opposite; it was a pretty comical,” they said.


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One fan has their own opinion about the character King Edward (Timothy Innes) being “poorly written.” “The Edward one isn’t unpopular (at least I hope it isn’t),” a fan said.

“I think all of these are accurate but with an asterisk for Edward since that’s really only S4 where he’s very poorly written,” a fan said. “Other than that great list!”

A fan weighs in saying, “All of the above” when it comes to the options in the poll.

It’s always interesting seeing polls like the one shared on Reddit about The Last Kingdom.