‘The Last Kingdom’: Fans Weigh in on 1 of the Greatest Arcs in the Series

In the history of The Last Kingdom, it’s always difficult to watch the parts where Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) is sold into slavery. He meets his best friend Finan (Mark Rowley) during this time and they form a bond. Eventually they are rescued and some fans consider it one of the greatest arcs in the series. Read on to learn what they’re saying about it.

Uhtred is sold into slavery and meets Finan

Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred in 'The Last Kingdom'
Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred in ‘The Last Kingdom’ | Netflix

Guthred (Thure Lindhardt) makes an agreement with Aelfric (Joseph Millson), Uhtred’s uncle who wants him dead. Instead of having him killed though, Guthred sells Uhtred and he is forced into slavery. King Alfred (David Dawson) eventually learns about what happened and he sends Young Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) to find his brother, which he does, but not before Uhtred faces terrible treatment. It almost tears Uhtred apart, but he makes it through.

The only good thing to come out of the situation is that Uhtred becomes friends with Finan who hasn’t left his service since. Their friendship has served him well and it’s a huge turning point in Uhtred’s life.

Fans weigh in on 1 of the greatest arcs in the series

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A Reddit user recently posted about the episode and how it’s their “favorite arc.” Other fans seem to agree. “It was my favorite arc due to all the different events that take place and their impact,” a Reddit user explained. They named a number of reasons why it’s their favorite including: “Ragnar comes back for his brother. Uhtred sees his brother who he probably thought he’d never see again. Family relationships can transcend blood. Touching stuff.”

There are a number of reasons why this arc is so essential to the overall series. Uhtred learns a lot about who he can trust. When Ragnar comes to rescue him, he asks who Finan is.

“I love when Ragnar asks Finan ‘Are you his brother?’ They literally just met, but as Uhtred’s other brother, he immediately clocks how strong their bond is,” a fan mentioned.

The entire scenario is extremely emotional

One fan says they’ve watched the parts where Uhtred is a slave and it can make anyone emotional to see the way he is treated. “I 100% agree! I’ve watched it about three times and I still get teary,” said a fan.

Another fan says it’s some of Alexander Dreymon’s “best performances” during the episode in question. “For Uhtred, definitely. Alexander’s best performances were in this episode too,” a viewer wrote.

A fan thinks both of the actors who play Uhtred and Finan were great and you can feel the emotion coming from both of them throughout the entire episode. Going through what they did together brought them closer and now they are bonded for life.

“Alexander and Mark were fantastic in that episode,” a fan said. “The way Uhtred says ‘Ragnar?’ his voice, it just knocks you off your feet. And it’s so impressive that it’s Finan’s introduction episode and by the end of it, you already love him with your whole heart. I was weeping when he killed the slaver like I was there for his whole journey.”

Fans really seem to appreciate this particular arc involving Uhtred and his best friend Finan in The Last Kingdom. Some consider it the very best in the entire series so far. Uhtred grows from the experience and is never quite the same again after.