‘The Last Kingdom’: Fans Weigh in on an Awkward Dinner Involving Uhtred and Mildrith

In The Last Kingdom, Mildrith (Amy Wren) marries Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) in an arranged marriage that doesn’t end well. Uhtred soon realizes that the marriage was arranged because Mildrith owes a heavy price to the church and King Alfred (David Dawson) wants to be able to control him and bind Uhtred to the land.

Uhtred learns of his new circumstances and he isn’t thrilled

Once they are married, they make their way to Mildrith’s home, which isn’t at all what Uhtred is expecting. He’s more than displeased, and even more so because he just learned about the large debt he now owes because he’s married to Mildrith. She also takes it upon herself to give out pieces of silver to the tenants on her land, which further angers Uhtred about his circumstances.

Later Uhtred arrives in Winchester and his anger gets the best of him, as usual. Alfred proceeds to punish Uhtred by making him crawl on his knees through the town. This only enrages Uhtred further. When he finally arrives back home at his estate with Mildrith, he finds Oswald, a man who is supposed to be taking care of the land, hauling off wood for his own purposes to make money. Uhtred goes after him when Oswald runs and kills him.

Uhtred, Mildrith, and Leofric have dinner together

Amy Wren
Amy Wren | Karwai Tang/WireImage

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Uhtred then settles down to dinner with Mildrith and Leofric (Adrian Bower) and it’s more than awkward. Leofric thanks Mildrith for the food and she says she is glad he likes it.

“I was beginning to believe you had lost your tongue wife. I was worried,” Uhtred tells her.

“I doubt it,” Mildrith replies.

“She grieves for the thief,” Uhtred tells Leofric.

“Not my business,” Leofric says.

“He killed a man I have known all my life,” Mildrith replies. Leofric tries to get up and leave, but Uhtred insists he stay.

The dinner is cringe-worthy and it just gets worse from there. Uhtred reminds Mildrith that he “was made to crawl,” something he can’t forget and it’s probably what set him off further with Oswald.

“I will excuse myself,” Leofric insists as he is finally able to leave. He takes his food out to the barn to get out of their business.

Fans weigh in on an awkward dinner involving Uhtred and Mildrith

The scene is more than memorable, especially because Leofric tries to excuse himself so many times to leave the situation. A fan recently posted to Reddit with a screenshot of their dinner. “’I’ll just take my food outside’ Good ole Leofric,” the post is captioned.

One fan mentioned how they enjoy how many times Leofric tries to get up and leave. He knows it isn’t any of his business and he wants no part in any of it. “I love how many times he tried to excuse himself,” a fan wrote.

Another fan commented that Uhtred just wouldn’t let him get up and leave the table. “Lord arseling wouldn’t let the poor man go,” said a fan.

A fan feels bad for Mildrith and the way Uhtred treats her. Not long after, he leaves her for another woman. “I’ve always felt bad for Mildrith. Uhtred really did her dirty,” a fan wrote.

The dinner between Uhtred, Mildrith, and Leofric is one of the most awkward dinners in the history of the series.