‘The Last Kingdom’: Fans Weigh in on Uhtred’s First Wife Mildrith: ‘I Disliked Her a Lot’

In the series The Last Kingdom, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) married a woman named Mildrith (Amy Wren) in season 1. She’s his first wife, and things don’t last between them. What do fans have to say about Mildrith? We have all the details.

Uhtred and Mildrith in ‘The Last Kingdom’

Amy Wren
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King Alfred of Wessex (David Dawson) arranged Uhtred’s marriage to Mildrith as a way to tie him to the land and keep him bound to Wessex. Unsure of where his loyalties lie, Alfred knows the marriage to Mildrith will suit his needs as she owes a large amount of money to the church because her father promised it to them. Despite the political nature of the match, Uhtred and Mildrith are taken with each other. However, Uhtred isn’t happy when he learns about the debt, although he eventually takes care of it by paying it off.

Uhtred and Mildrith grow to love each other despite their differences as people and in their religions. Uhtred is a pagan, and Mildrith is a Christian. This major difference causes problems for them even though they love each other and are attracted toward one another. Mildrith is kind, good-natured, and innocent, but her husband is too impulsive and untrusting compared to his wife.

Uhtred chooses Iseult over his wife, Mildrith

Things finally fizzle out between them when Uhtred brings another woman named Iseult (Charlie Murphy), a former shadow queen and sorceress whom he rescued, back to his home he shares with Mildrith. Uhtred refuses to stay inside the house if Iseult has to stay in the barn, and he makes his choice to stay with her outside over his wife. From then on, husband and wife are separated, and Uhtred is in a relationship with Iseult.

Mildrith and Uhtred have a son together named Uhtred, but he sadly died when he choked on a pebble according to the series’ Fandom site for Mildrith’s character based on The Saxon Stories, the novel series on which the series is based by Bernard Cornwell. However, Uhtred is convinced that his son was killed after Iseult saves King Alfred’s child, and he in turn lost his own.

Mildrith becomes a nun and goes to live at Odda the Elder’s (Simon Kunz) estate. During their final conversation together, Mildrith tells Uhtred that she doesn’t want to see him again, and they never do.

Fans weigh in on Uhtred’s first wife, Mildrith

Fans have a lot of opinions about Mildrith, and they’ve been known to discuss the character on Reddit. A fan posted an image of Mildrith on her wedding day to Uhtred, saying, “Here’s to Mildrith, played by the talented Amy Wren. Such an underrated character!” in a Reddit post.

One fan admits they “really liked” Mildrith. It’s safe to say they aren’t the only fans who felt the same way about this minor character from the first season who is so memorable.

“Yes! I really liked her character,” a fan added. “Really felt things should have turned out better for her.”

Mildrith was ‘such a wholesome character’


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Another fan calls Mildrith “Such a wholesome character,” and that’s definitely a true statement as she seemed to want the best for others, and she was extremely kind-hearted, even giving money that she was given for her bride price to the people living on her land despite her owing a debt to the church.

In another Reddit post, a fan posted an image of Mildrith holding her son with the title, “Always felt bad for Mildrith, she was so innocent.” That statement rings true, as Mildrith saw the good in everyone even Oswald, a man who works on her land that was taking advantage of his situation.

Some fans didn’t really like Mildrith

Despite some fans liking Mildrith, other fans have different thoughts about the character and former wife of Uhtred. One fan calls her “naggy.” “Didn’t like her, too naggy,” they said.

Another fan says they “disliked” Mildrith. She didn’t always treat Uhtred the way he wanted to be treated, that’s for sure, and some fans have noticed. Their relationship was far from smooth, and there were problems between them.

“I disliked her a lot,” they said. “She treated our man terribly.”

A fan doesn’t think Uhtred deserved the treatment he received at Mildrith’s hands. “F mildrith. Uthred didn’t deserve none of that,” they said. “He was rash and oblivious yes, but he didn’t deserve that.”

Another fan admits Mildrith and Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), Alfred’s wife, were the characters they “hated the most.”

“She and the B**** Queen are the characters I hated the most though goshhhhhhh 🤣🤣🤣,” they said.

Fans have varying opinions about Uhtred’s first wife, Mildrith, in The Last Kingdom.