‘The Last Kingdom’ Has Finally Been Renewed for Season 5 – The Actors React to the News

The news has finally been confirmed that The Last Kingdom has been renewed for an incredible fifth season. Read on to learn what the actors are saying about the renewal. These responses couldn’t be more heartfelt.

‘The Last Kingdom’ is renewed for season 5

Alexander Dreymon in 'The Last Kingdom'
Alexander Dreymon in ‘The Last Kingdom’ | Joe Alblas/Netflix

According to Variety, The Last Kingdom will be getting a coveted fifth season with Netflix. It will have a total of 10 episodes, so that means there will be plenty of time to spend with all the main characters that fans have come to love. The new season will continue to be based on Bernard Cornwell’s beloved novels. Specifically, season 5 will focus on books nine and 10 in the series.

The announcement came through the official social media channels

On the official social media channels for the hit series, a video has been posted of some of the main cast getting together to learn of the news. In separate video chats, Alexander Dreymon, who plays the main character Uhtred, announced the renewal to his fellow co-stars. The mood is full of joy and happiness, as well as speculation on whether Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) is still alive in the new season.

The actors react to the news

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Numerous actors that are part of the series reacted to the news on social media. There is a lot of excitement over this announcement and what it could mean for the future of the series. Many actors shared their own memories in unique posts with their fans on Instagram.

Alexander Dreymon posted the same video to his Instagram account along with a caption: “Massive thanks to all our fans and to our friends at @Netflix #TheLastKingdom #Season5.”

Fans can’t wait to see Uhtred again along with all the other main characters. Emily Cox, who plays Brida, posted an image of her character gearing up for battle. It will be interesting to see Brida and her child in season 5.

“Brida preparing for SEASON 5!!!! ⭐️☀️💫😌😌😌💃#thelastkingdom #season5 #brida #danes #uhtred #bernardcornwell #happyme #netflix,” the post is captioned.

James Northcote plays Aldhelm and he posted an image of Dreymon as Uhtred relaxing in-between takes. Northcote always seems to get the perfect image of what life is like on set and fans are grateful for his efforts.

“The wait is over @netflix has recommissioned @thelastkingdom for a 5th season 💥 thanks to the incredible fans it couldn’t happen without all the amazing support #thelastkingdom #season5 #netflix #TLK5,” the post is captioned sharing the news.

Mark Rowley plays Finan and he’s known for his quirky antics. He posted a hilarious photo of himself along with some actors from the series goofing off. “Season 5 of The Last Kingdom has been confirmed… Let the fun chaos begin!!!! #thelastkingdom #netflix,” Rowley captioned the post on Instagram.

Eliza Butterworth plays Lady Aelswith and her fate is yet unknown for the new season. She posted some hilarious images of herself along with her co-stars. They clearly know how to have fun on and off the set, which is always nice to see.

“BRING IT ON!!! ⚔️🛡⚔️ We are utterly over the moon to announce there will be a SEASON 5 of @thelastkingdom!!! DESTINY IS ALLLLLL!!! #thelastkingdom #netflix #season5 #destinyisall #uhtredsonofuhtred #arselingforlife #sexysaxons #voluptuousvikings,” Butterworth captioned the post.

A new season is officially happening. Check back for all the latest information on The Last Kingdom.