‘The Last Kingdom’: How Father Beocca Steps up to Lady Aelswith in Season 4

Season 4 of The Last Kingdom is here and fans couldn’t be more excited. There are a number of great moments in the all-new season. In the first episode of season 4, fans have been cheering for a moment between Father Beocca (Ian Hart) and Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth). Read on to learn more about the situation and how things played out. There are spoilers ahead.

Lady Aelswith faces a new reality

With King Alfred (David Dawson) dead and gone, Aelswith is in a new, inferior position. She’s starting to realize that the way she’s acting isn’t going to get her anywhere, however, she’s still stubborn, and she acts rash when it comes to a situation with Father Beocca.

Aelswith takes note of Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller) and how he’s trying to grow his influence at court. She mentions this to Hild (Eva Birthistle), who stands nearby. She also notes that he’s said things to her when it comes to the other heirs to the throne that “are unchristian.”

Father Beocca steps up to Lady Aelswith

Ian Hart
Ian Hart | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Father Beocca overhears the conversation, and he isn’t having any of it, since he knows how Aelswith created the situation herself when she had Edward (Timothy Innes) marry Aethelhelm’s daughter and leave his first marriage.

“You mean the firstborn you had banished so your son could make a better marriage?” Beocca inquires about the situation.

“I mean the children who were conceived without holy union,” Aelswith coldly responds.

Beocca doesn’t just stop there, but continues on with the situation. “The first marriage was legitimate,” Beocca insists. Aelswith looks at Hild for assistance, where she doesn’t find any.

“There are priests who would swear on the book to it,” Hild also says.

Beocca keeps pushing

Beocca has always been a man to speak his mind, and he keeps at it to prove his point. He knows Aelswith created this drama herself and she needs to realize it. She’s upset in regards to a situation of her own making.

“Lady, you chose Lord Aethelhelm’s daughter as a match because he had silver that Wessex needed,” Beocca straight up says to her. “You chose her over a woman who your son loved and who had born him children. You can not invite a serpent into the garden and be surprised when it slithers on the ground.”

At this point, Aelswith is done talking to Beocca, and she wonders about why Beocca is there in the first place. “Did I not have you removed from the court Father Beocca?” Lady Aelswith asks him.

“Yes, another one of your rash judgments,” Beocca hotly responds.

Aelswith says he shouldn’t stay where he isn’t wanted, and Beocca says she is doing the same thing, so maybe they aren’t so different. Unfortunately for Beocca, Aelswith doesn’t see the error in all her ways, at least not just yet.

She does find a way to redemption by the end of the season, though. Beocca on the other hand, loses his life when he tries to help Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) take back Bebbanburg.

This iconic moment between Father Beocca and Lady Aelswith is one of the most memorable between them. It’s something fans are still talking about when it comes to season 4 of The Last Kingdom.