‘The Last Kingdom’: What Did Wihtgar Do With [Spoiler’s] Body?

Season 4 of The Last Kingdom was action-packed and fans are still trying to catch their breaths. Fans get to see Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) attempt to take back his ancestral home of Bebbanburg from his uncle, though he loses someone close to him in the process. Read on to learn about what happened. There are spoilers ahead.

Uhtred attempts to take back Bebbanburg

Alexander Dreymon and Ian Hart in 'The Last Kingdom'
Alexander Dreymon and Ian Hart in ‘The Last Kingdom’ | Adrienn Szabo/Netflix

Together with all of Uhtred’s closest companions, he attempts to take back his home of Bebbanburg. After learning that his Uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson) has lost a significant number of men, Uhtred makes a move and goes for his homeland. However, he doesn’t plan on his cousin, Wihtgar (Ossian Perret) to be alive and well. Uhtred tries to take back Bebbanburg while Wihtgar is there with all his men and things don’t go as planned.

Uhtred and his warriors manage to get inside. Then Wihtgar kills his own father, robbing Uhtred of his chance for some much-needed revenge. Wihtgar takes Bebbanburg for himself and takes the life of someone close to Uhtred in the process.

Uhtred loses Father Beocca

Father Beocca (Ian Hart) goes with Uhtred to take back Bebbanburg and he loses his life in the worst way. He tries to get the two cousins to talk and come to a conclusion. He tells Wihtgar that he was his father’s priest and they should make peace. However, Wihtgar shoots Beocca when he tries to save Uhtred’s son from the shot. He dies right there inside Bebbanburg. Uhtred is unable to take Beocca’s body with him, which is something he regrets.

Ossian Perret talks about his role in season 4 of ‘The Last Kingdom’

Ossian Perret spoke with Winter Is Coming about his role in season 4. He details his character’s complicated relationship with his father. It must have been a very strained relationship for him to kill his own father in such a way. Aelfric was a difficult man, and it would make sense for Wihtgar to resent his father a bit, but he takes things to an extreme.

“In my mind Wihtgar was exiled in order to grow a bit, ‘don’t return until you’re worthy to rule Bebbanburg in my stead’ kind of thing, witness the elements, toughen yourself up,” Perret explained. “I’m sure Wihtgar’s upbringing was probably not what he would have wished for himself, so I reckon Aelfric will have sensed a threat in his son as he began to come of age.”

What did Wihtgar do with Father Beocca’s body?


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Uhtred is more than devastated at the loss of a man that was more of a father to him than just a friend. He was distraught at not being able to bury Beocca. He wants to go back to retrieve the body, but Finan (Mark Rowley) convinces him not to. He can’t imagine leaving Beocca there in Bebbanburg, but he couldn’t return to claim his body without risking his life.

What did Wihtgar do with Father Beocca’s body? “As horrible as it is… threw it in the sea,” Perret revealed. That’s a pretty disturbing thought for fans to come to terms with.

Beocca is a beloved character and no one wants to deal with his loss in The Last Kingdom.