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There are quite a few characters in The Last Kingdom with a huge following of fans. One of those is definitely King Alfred of Wessex (David Dawson) who was a defining character until his untimely death. Fans are still talking about their appreciation for the unique king on social media. Read on to learn what they’re saying about Alfred and the actor who plays him.

Fans have an appreciation for King Alfred

David Dawson
David Dawson | Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

In season 3, episode 9 of The Last Kingdom, Alfred is very sick and almost on the verge of death. At the wedding feast for his son, Alfred has a rare encounter with Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) that seems to echo through the ages. It’s a defining moment for both of them that solidifies the friendship they shared.

On Reddit recently, a fan posted a still shot from that scene in appreciation for the actor that plays Alfred, David Dawson. It’s a pivotal moment that defines the series for what it is and fans seem to agree.

“So true! His range and subtly is unparalleled throughout his time on the series,” a Reddit user wrote.

One fan thinks Alfred was the “greatest character” and it sounds like others seem to agree with that sentiment. “Greatest character in the show,” someone said.

Fans love the last scene between King Alfred and Uhtred

Other fans seem to agree that the scene between Alfred and Uhtred is a great moment from the series. It changes the way we see Alfred as a character and Dawson does an excellent job showing the different layers of Alfred’s personality as he unravels.

“One of my favorite scenes from the show,” a Reddit user revealed. “Every time I see the episode when Uhtred is viewing the Saxon Chronicles with King Alfred in the background I get chills. His ghostly figure perfectly juxtaposes the way he presents himself in historical records.”

There are many excellent scenes involving King Alfred

Another fan thinks Alfred’s best scene is when he’s on his death bed and his wife, Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) is busy talking and doesn’t notice he’s passed away until he’s gone.

“So many good scenes with him, but my favorite will definitely be his death scene, where he reaches to ‘touch England’ and takes his final breaths while his wife is mumbling some random ******** and doesn’t even look at him, so **** painful to watch,” another fan said.

1 fan thinks King Alfred was the best part of the show

King Alfred was definitely a defining character in The Last Kingdom. Fans really came to like him and they miss him being around.

“The best thing about the show and he will be missed,” said another Reddit user. “So well written and amazingly acted. Whilst I can’t wait for season 4, I know that without Alfred/David Dawson, I’m a little bit worried because he genuinely held the show for me especially in season 3.”

One fan says Dawson is the reason they started watching. “He was the reason I started watching this,” they revealed.

Overall, fans really loved King Alfred as well as the actor who plays him, David Dawson. The role will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans.