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The Last Kingdom is a huge hit with fans who are more than a little opinionated when it comes to certain characters. One of those characters happens to be Brida (Emily Cox). Read on to find out why a lot of viewers don’t really like her at all. There are spoilers ahead.

Who is Brida?

Alexander Dreymon and Emily Cox
Alexander Dreymon and Emily Cox | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Brida is picked up by the Danes when she is just a child. She meets Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) when they are both children and forced to live with the Danes. They grow up together and become the greatest of friends and even lovers at one point. Brida considers herself a Dane and no longer a Saxon after being raised in the culture. She chooses them over the Saxons and fights wholeheartedly for what she believes in.

What fans have to say about Brida

Many viewers aren’t exactly fans of Brida. Some reference the fact that she gets mad over the littlest things and she doesn’t just get upset. One Reddit user described it as going “berserk.” It’s happened quite a few times to Uhtred himself.

“Her character sucks unless they were aiming for someone with a personality disorder, whenever she gets mad it’s over petty things and she doesn’t just get mad she just goes berserk,” a Reddit user explained.

The books show more to Brida

Numerous fans reference the books as having more critical information about Brida and why she behaves the way she does. “Brida is one of the few characters where I felt they cut out too much of her book development for the purpose of the show,” another user wrote. “She comes across as bitter and violent for not much reason in the show.”

She’s been described as ‘annoying’

Other fans don’t care for her personality in the series or her ability to lash out at the worst moments. “I find her so insufferable,” another Reddit user wrote. “Her personality is so annoying, she doesn’t even attempt to show understanding or sympathy to where Uhtred is coming from (as opposed to Ragnar who still treats him with respect and understanding.) Her cold and spiteful attitude along with her violent mood swings are just plain annoying.”

Brida is a complex character

Some viewers changed their minds about Brida at one point or another. They understand her a little better now after watching season 3. “I too found her insufferable until a point in S3 where I came to understand the deep pain she has harbored for years,” another user said.

However, there are fans out there who like Brida and understand her completely. She may be stubborn, but she has a reason to feel the way she does after everything she’s been through. She doesn’t understand how Uhtred can jump back and forth between both worlds.

“Love her. I love how her character is stubborn and headstrong and she sticks with her convictions,” a Reddit user chimed in. “Of course, she loves Uhtred but she also has no respect for his turncoat ways. She’s a very complicated character, and the actress does a great job conveying her frustration.”

Brida is definitely a complex character full of depth and loss. Some fans really don’t like her, while others seem to understand her.