‘The Last Kingdom’: Why Is Brida so Angry With Uhtred in Season 4?

In season 4 of The Last Kingdom, Brida (Emily Cox) and Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) come face to face once again. It leads to an even larger grudge held on Brida’s part against Uhtred, but why? Read on to learn the facts about the situation and what fans have to say.

Brida’s new world changes instantly when she learns the truth

Alexander Dreymon and Emily Cox
Alexander Dreymon and Emily Cox | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In the new season, Brida is pregnant with Cnut’s (Magnus Bruun) child. She seems happy and content, that is until the next battle comes. She overhears Uhtred and Cnut fighting and arguing. Uhtred reveals the truth about Young Ragnar’s (Tobias Santelmann) death. Cnut was the one who kept speaking to Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) about killing Ragnar and he encouraged him to act on it, so he is just as responsible.

When Brida overhears this, she stabs Cnut and kills him. However, she doesn’t stay long to speak with Uhtred and when she attempts to get away, the Welsh surround her. She begs Uhtred to kill her and send her to Valhalla, but he just stares at her. She is captured and taken by the Welsh as a slave and treated harshly until the Danes rescue her.

A fan questions Brida’s anger

A fan recently asked on Reddit why Brida is so angry in the new season. After she learns about the truth of Cnut and is taken as a slave by the Welsh, her anger seems to intensify.

“Why was Brida so angry? Who was she seeking revenge against?” a Reddit user inquired. “Ragnar died and after that she was like sad but cool. They were fighting the Saxons as usual. Then what happened suddenly? She learns Cnut killed Ragnar. Then she was taken as a slave. Where does the question of revenge come from exactly?”

Why is Brida so angry with Uhtred?

Over the years, Brida has grown in anger, especially toward Uhtred. She sees his choices as nothing more than a betrayal to her and the Danes. It’s something she can’t seem to get over and it grows as the years go by. But the hatred intensifies when he can’t kill her and send her to Valhalla. She’s then taken as a slave, something she never wanted to be, and she blames him for it.

“She’s generally just mad at Uthred for a number of things,” a Reddit user explained. “It’s not misdirected anger. Saxons and Alfred are the reason that Uhtred left his Dane life in the first place and she has seen everything after that as a betrayal.”

A fan thinks Brida is mad ‘at everyone’ who ‘betrayed her’

One fan thinks Brida seems to be angry about everything, not just at Uhtred. She’s also been through a lot, so it makes sense that she’d be upset. The man she was with killed the love of her life, plus she’s pregnant with his child.

“She’s ****** at everyone who has betrayed her in her eyes,” a fan explained. “She’s mad that the Danes lost that battle, that Cnut killed Ragnar, that Uhtred didn’t kill her when she could have done it herself, and finally that she was treated so poorly as a prisoner.”

Brida blames Uhtred for allowing her to be taken as a slave to Wales. She wanted him to kill her, but he couldn’t do it in the moment. Their relationship will never be the same again. Fans have a lot of feelings when it comes to why Brida is so angry with Uhtred in season 4 of The Last Kingdom.