‘The Last Kingdom’: Why the Relationship Between Uhtred and Father Beocca Is so Important

There are a number of important friendships on the hit series The Last Kingdom, but none seems to be as important as the one Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and Father Beocca (Ian Hart) share. Beocca has been there since the very beginning and has been like family to Uhtred. Read on to learn why their relationship is so important. There are spoilers ahead for season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

They share a connection to Bebbanburg

Ian Hart
Ian Hart | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

When Uhtred was just a child by the name of Osbert, Beocca was there. He is a priest at Bebbanburg when Uhtred is taken by the Danes and his father is killed. He is there when negotiations are being made for the young boy’s release. He warns Uhtred that his uncle wants Bebbanburg for himself and will have him killed. He urges him to escape and go to Winchester, where he will find him.

Uhtred and Beocca have been through a lot together

When Uhtred finally arrives in Wessex years later, Beocca vouches for him and helps secure his situation with Alfred (David Dawson), who doesn’t trust Uhtred even in the beginning. Uhtred and Beocca have been separated by many years, but they still share a connection. Beocca takes it upon himself to look after Uhtred and he attempts to calm the political waters on Uhtred’s behalf many times. Over the years, they’ve been through so much together and their friendship is unwavering.

Uhtred couldn’t try to take back Bebbanburg without Beocca

In season 4, Uhtred attempts to take back Babbanburg from his uncle, and of course, Beocca is right there by his side. However, things don’t go as they planned at all. Uhtred’s uncle is killed when his cousin returns home and kills his own father. But before Uhtred can escape with his men, Beocca is shot dead. Uhtred is beyond devastated and seems to want to fight to the death to get revenge. Finan (Mark Rowley) convinces Uhtred to leave why they still have a chance.

Why the relationship between Uhtred and Beocca is so important

Beocca was there for Uhtred since he was just a boy. He always looked on him as a son and it was obvious to anyone watching. Where would one be without the other? Uhtred needs Beocca just as much as Beocca needed him in return. Their relationship was so important because they were the best of friends who were more like family. It’s hard to imagine where Uhtred goes from here without his longest and greatest friend in the world. They somehow completed each other in a way and it’s sad to see Uhtred alone.

After Beocca’s death, Uhtred is beyond devastated and he tells Finan as much. He wants to go back and retrieve Beocca’s body so he can be properly buried. He can’t fathom living without Beocca knowing that he let him die in such a way.

“I’ve lost every family I had,” Uhtred says. “Beocca was always there. The only constant. Without Beocca I have no home. His death is on my hands, I failed him.”

Uhtred truly believes that Beocca’s death is his fault and he’ll never be the same without him in his life. The friendship they shared was a once in a lifetime thing and nothing else will ever compare to it.