‘The Last Kingdom’: Why Was Hild Hardly Seen in Season 4? Fans Weigh In

In The Last Kingdom, there are a number of characters that fans would like to see more of, and one of those is definitely Hild (Eva Birthistle). She is a close friend to Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and Father Beocca (Ian Hart), but for some reason, her part is much smaller in season 4 and fans certainly noticed.

Hild’s role has diminished in the new season

Eva Birthistle
Eva Birthistle | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In season 4, Hild is with Beocca in Winchester when Uhtred comes calling for their assistance. He plans to take back his native homeland of Bebbanburg and he asks for their help since they are both fierce and capable warriors. However, neither of them is feeling the need or desire to fight anymore, although Beocca does eventually go with Uhtred and that’s where he meets his death unexpectedly.

The last fans see of Hild, she is assisting Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) in seeing King Edward’s (Timothy Innes) first wife along with their son, Aethelstan. Hild helps her with this, and that’s the last we see of her all season. Fans were disappointed that they didn’t get to see Hild learn about Beocca’s death since they were so close.

Why was Hild hardly seen in season 4? Fans weigh in

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More than a few fans have wondered about Hild’s whereabouts for the remainder of the season, as she isn’t seen again after helping Aelswith. What happened when the Danes seized Winchester? It isn’t like Hild to not fight and defend the people.

“Not sure if this is a spoiler as such but wondering where Hild was when the Danes took Winchester?” a Reddit user asked. “I’m sure she was there at the start of season 4 but not sure whether she just left after arranging Aelswith to meet with Aethelstan. Missed her in this season!”

Fans didn’t get to see Hild learn of Beocca’s death

Other fans were apparently wondering where Hild was all season as well. She is a fan-favorite and her absence was felt. Fans also didn’t get to see her reaction to the death of Father Beocca and they were close friends. Does she even know about his death?

“I was so disappointed at how little we saw of Hild. She’s one of my favorite characters and we didn’t even get to see her reaction to Beocca’s death,” a fan said.

One fan thinks Hild was a great “addition” to Uhtred’s crew of friends and warriors. It’s sad to not see her as much or her interactions with them all. “I was definitely feeling the loss of both her and Beocca this season!” a fan wrote. “I don’t know if I’m missing something and she’s meant to be off doing something somewhere but she was such a golden addition to Uhtred’s crew and I feel like she’s just been brushed under the carpet.”

Hild could be off doing things for the church

Another fan points out that she’s an abbess, so she wouldn’t be out with Uhtred and his warrior friends anymore. She could be doing things for the good of the church and that’s why she’s missing in action. She’s put up her warrior clothes and traded them for a peaceful life.

“Historically, she’s an abbess, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to be running around with Uhtred’s crew,” a fan pointed out.

Fans miss Hild and wonder where she went for the majority of season 4 of The Last Kingdom.