‘The Law Cafe’ and 8 September 2022 K-Dramas to Watch Outside of Netflix

With summer ending, September promises a month full of riveting K-dramas from crime thrillers, ‘Slice of Life’ dramas, love triangle romance, and more. Fans have a long list to keep track of this month with anticipated storylines like The Law Cafe and a few Netflix K-dramas to match. Outside of Netlfix, September will be a jam-packed month with the 2022 K-drama Blind and more.

Ok Taecyeon in 2022 September K-drama 'Blind.'
Ok Taecyeon in 2022 September K-drama ‘Blind’ | via tvN

Two very different lawyers work together as they unearth the truth of a mysterious murder case. Diary of a Prosecutor actor Jung Ryeo-won stars as No Chak-hee, a cutthroat and pristine lawyer who gets demoted. Meanwhile, All of Us Are Dead actor Lee Kyu-hyung stars as Jwa Shi-baek. He is more carefree and aloof but dedicated to the job when need be.

May It Please The Court K-drama is set to premiere in September, with no set date yet on Disney+.

‘The Golden Spoon’ is a 2022 September K-drama about rich young people

What would you do if allowed to switch lives for one full of luxury and wealth? Lee Seung-cheon (Yook Sung-jae) is a high school student living with his parents and is poor. But when he runs into an older woman, she entices him to buy a golden spoon. The spoon would allow Seung-cheon to switch lives with anyone he desires. It becomes a no-brainer when his best friend is wealthy and his father runs a large company.

The 2022 K-drama, The Golden Spoon, premieres September 23 on MBC.

‘The Empire of Law’ has a successful lawyer seeking more power

In the 2022 September K-drama, The Empire Law, veteran actor Kim Sun-ah stars as Han Hye-rul. In a cutthroat world, the law system is full of scandals by those who uphold the law. Hye-rul comes from a prosperous family of judicial workers for generations. Despite having power and wealth, Hye-rul wants a higher position than the chief of the special division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

The Empire Law airs on September 24 on JTBC.

‘One Dollar Lawyer’ has a skilled and infamous attorney charge $1 for his services

Recruiting the services of a top-notch lawyer often means spending a pretty penny. But in the 2022 September K-drama, One Dollar Lawyer, Cheon Ji-hun (Namkoong Min) is the exact opposite. While elegantly dressed and with his hair permed, he charges 1,000 won ($1) for his services. His goal is to go against expensive lawyers and their elite clients who try and manipulate the law.

Meanwhile, Baek Ma-ri (Kim Ji-eun) works as a prosecutor’s assistant at her grandfather’s law firm. But when she meets Ji-hun, her life changes. One Dollar Lawyer premieres on September 23 on SBS.

‘Love in Contract’ has Park Min-young pose as her clients’ perfect wives

The queen of romance K-dramas, Park Min-young, returns to the small-screen after Forecasting Love and Weather to star in a unique new story. The actor stars as Choi Sang-eun, an expert whose services have her pose as the perfect bride/wife for her clients.

From fulfilling dying wishes, claiming inheritance, and more, she does it all. When she receives a new young client, Kang Hae-jin (Kim Jae-young), she gets involved in a love triangle with her long-standing client, Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo).

Fans can watch the 2022’s Love in Contract on September 21 on Viki.

‘Seasons of Blossom’ is a new 2022 September K-drama about a group of teenagers

K-drama fans get a new teen romance to look forward to. Seasons of Blossom stars A Love So Beautiful actor So Ju-Yeon as Han So-mang. She is a warm-hearted girl but also timid. Seo Ji-hoon stars as Lee Ha-min, who is bright but harbors a bit of darkness in him. The K-drama tells the story of a group of teens as they navigate their lives, love, and friendship.

Seasons of Blossom airs on September 21.

‘Blind’ stars 2 PM’s Taecyeon in a riveting murder thriller K-drama

Idol-turned-actor Taecyeon continues his acting career, but this time as a detective in a thriller K-drama. The 2022 September K-drama Blind follows detective Ryu Sung-joon (Taecyeon). He is dedicated to fighting injustice with a high arrest rate. His older brother, Ryu Sung-hoon (Ha Seok-Jin), is intelligent and works as a judge. Jo Eun-ki (Jung Eun-ji) works as a social worker. The three characters investigate a horrible case where judges are being murdered.

Blind airs on September 16 on tvN.

‘Mental Coach Jegal’ is a 2022 September sports K-drama to watch

All of Us Are Dead actor Lee Yoo-mi stars alongside Mad for You actor Jung Woo in a ‘Slice of Life’ sports drama. Jegal Gil (Jung Woo) was once on the national TaeKwonDo team until a scandal got him banned indefinitely. He is not a mental health coach and helps athletes in a slump. Mental Coach Jegal focuses on Jegal as he helps short-track speed skater Cha Ga-eul (Lee). Meanwhile, Ku Tae-man (Kwon Yool) plays his rival, who changed his life.

Mental Coach Jegal airs on Septmeber 12 on Viki.

‘The Law Cafe’ has a brilliant prosecutor quit his job

The 2022 K-drama, The Law Cafe, was initially scheduled to premiere at the end of August but is now expected to air in September. Based on a webtoon, the K-drama tells the story of Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi), a top-notch lawyer who quit his job due to his father’s scandal. Jobless, he lives off the rent of the building he owns and lives in.

He has been friends with Kim Yoo-ri, played by The Red Sleeve actor Lee Se-young, since high school and is secretly in love with her. Also a dedicated layer, she one day quits her job and opens a ‘Law Cafe’ in Jung-ho’s building. They sell coffee and offer legal advice.


‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 Confirmed to Premiere in December

The Law Cafe is set to premiere on September 5 and is available to stream on Viki.