The ‘Leverage’ Reboot Is Now in Production With All But 1 of the Original Stars

Leverage reinvented the caper genre with a team of crooks dubbed hacker, hitter, grifter, thief, and mastermind. The series aired for five seasons on TNT before being canceled in 2012. But to the delight of fans, the show is returning with most of the original cast. Here’s what we know so far about the reboot.

Original 'Leverage' Cast
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Classic ‘Leverage’ boasted a cast with remarkable chemistry

The premise of the original Leverage is simple. Timothy Hutton plays the role of former insurance investigator Nathan Ford. On a quest for revenge, he assembles a crew of criminals to stage cons against corrupt bigwigs who have wronged innocent underdogs. Nate is typically the creative force behind each mission, but each member of the team contributes a unique and specialized skill.

Alec Hardison, portrayed by Aldis Hodge, brings a youthful energy to the squad as the brilliant hacker with a heart of gold. Without the tech-savvy Hardison around, the elaborate plans would certainly fizzle.

Christian Kane brings Eliot Spencer to life. Nicknamed the hitter, Eliot provides much-needed muscle when things get hairy. He also has a knack for whipping up delicious culinary treats for his cohorts.

Slick grifter Sophie Devereaux, played by Gina Bellman, adds an air of elegance to each scheme. The chameleon possesses the uncanny ability to transform into virtually any persona, giving the crew enough authenticity to fool every target.

Rounding out the band of super-crooks is Parker, with Beth Riesgraf in the role. Although the thief is socially awkward, to say the least, she exudes the grace of a prima ballerina when breaking and entering. She also has a soft spot for the charming Hardison. And the feeling is mutual.

The reboot is currently shooting without 1 of the stars

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The Leverage reboot is in full swing with production currently taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, as reported by Deadline. According to the outlet, things kicked off on Aug. 4 with a table read. Keeping in mind health and safety protocols required during the COVID-19 pandemic, the actors donned face shields and sat a minimum of six feet apart.

Production launched less than a week later on Aug. 10, with four out of five of the original series principal actors on set. Kane, Bellman, and Riesgraf returned in regular starring roles as Eliot, Sophie, and Parker. Hodge is back, but this time he is working in a recurring capacity. With his gig on City on a Hill, his availability to play Hardison for the entire season is still uncertain.

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Conspicuously absent from the Leverage reboot is Hutton. Earlier this year, the actor was accused of sexual assault, as noted by a prior Deadline report. No charges had been filed at the time of writing.

With Hutton out, two new faces will be popping up in Leverage. Noah Wyle will take the lead as Harry, and Aleyse Shannon will join as Hardison’s sister Breanna, a mechanical engineer with a talent for hacking.

The Leverage reboot will air on IMDb TV, but there is currently no premiere date scheduled. Until it launches, fans can catch up on the original series on Amazon Prime Video.

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