‘The Little Couple’: Why is the Family Moving to Boston?

Fans of the hit TLC reality show, The Little Couple, were shocked by Jen Arnold’s recent announcement. The matriarch of the family revealed that she and her family will be moving to Boston. Fortunately, though, the move is for all the right reasons.

The Little Couple
‘The Little Couple’ | Discovery Press Room

Jen Arnold of ‘The Little Couple’ got a new job

According to a report from InTouch, The Little Couple star Jen Arnold — who is a neonatologist by trade — revealed that she’d earned a position in Boston. The outlet confirms that Arnold will be the program director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Simulator Program.

Arnold confirmed her new job on Instagram, where she revealed that she and her family — which includes Ben Klein and their two children, William and Zoey — are “Boston bound.”

“OK, everyone! I decided to take the leap,” she said in the Instagram clip. “We are so excited about this next adventure. Of course, Florida will always be our home and near and dear to our hearts. We know we’ll be back a lot to visit, and of course, Texas is always going to be our first home where we became a family.”

She’ll be working in Boston at a hospital

As was previously reported by InTouch, Arnold has accepted the position at the Boston hospital, but she’s also accepted a “second job” of sorts that’s also quite prestigious. When she’s not working at the Boston Children’s Hospital, she’ll be working as part of the faculty at the one and only Harvard University!

“I am both a passionate neonatologist and healthcare simulation educator,” she said on her “Philosophy of Care” website. “As a person born with a physical disability, a rare type of skeletal dysplasia, it has been my goal as a physician to give back and help future generations of babies and kids lead healthy and happy lives. It was the inspiration of my own surgeon, Dr. Steven Kopits, who inspired me to enter into medicine.”

The family, however, has not yet revealed where they’ll be living in Boston, or whether they’ll be selling their tony St. Petersburg, FL home to move to Boston full-time.

Will the show be returning to TLC?

Fans of The Little Couple have been wondering when the show will return to TLC. After all, the last new episode of the show aired in August of 2019. And fans have been speculating if this meant that the show has been canceled.

According to InTouch, there has been no official word of when the show will be returning to TLC. And there is also no official word about when the show will be renewed, or canceled. However, as with many productions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a good chance that the coronavirus put a crimp in their plans.

But in the event the show doesn’t return to TLC, fans can check out The Little Couple on discovery+ and on the TLC Go app. The show has had an amazing run over fourteen seasons, and there’s plenty of the show to love.

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