‘The Lost Daughter’: Olivia Colman’s New Netflix Film Scores Perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

English Actress Olivia Colman has been on the receiving end of numerous accolades over her two decades in movies. The 47-year-old star took on the role of Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s hit series The Crown. For her portrayal of the royal matriarch, she won a Golden Globe Award for best actress in a television series drama.

Her most recent work, The Lost Daughter, has been given critical acclaim from critics the world over. The film has even gotten a perfect score of 100% on the American review-aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

‘The Lost Daughter’ comes from a novel

The Lost Daughter is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by author Elena Ferrante. The film’s director is Maggie Gyllenhaal and will be her directorial debut. Gyllenhaal is an actress who has had roles in movies such as Mona Lisa Smile and The Dark Knight. The actress is a huge fan of Ferrante’s work and really fell in love with this book in particular.

“So I thought, ‘Let’s take that terror of recognizing yourself in something painful, dark, shameful, confusing, aberrant and not just feel it all alone in your room,” the Crazy Heart star told the LA Times. “Put it on a screen in a big room full of people sitting in the dark together, where you might be sitting next to a woman who you have never met before or your husband or your mom or your daughter. Then there’s a possibility for something radical to happen.’ That’s what made me want to adapt it into a movie.”

The plot of the story surrounds a British academic, Leda, who is on vacation in Greece. During her holiday, she becomes obsessed with another woman and her daughter. She then begins having flashbacks about her upbringing, which causes her to fall apart.

“We’re never told the darkest, most painful and shameful feelings that I think everybody feels while parenting,” the director said. “Parenting pushes you to the edge. Parenting stretches you in places you have never been before. So how could it not include — along with the joy, the ecstasy, the massive happiness — all the other colors of the rainbow? The terror, the anxiety.”

The movie got a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes

Olivia Colman on the red carpet in a red dress
Olivia Colman | AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, Pool

The Lost Daughter stars Olivia Colman as the main character, alongside Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The film had its premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

After the viewing, critics lauded the performances, especially that of Colman. It took home the Golden Osella Award for best screenplay. On Rotten Tomatoes, the picture has a perfect score of 100%.

“To call The Lost Daughter an assured debut is to do it a slight disservice—assurance suggests that a filmmaker knows everything going in. What we see in The Lost Daughter is something greater: the act of discovery—of the gifts actors can bring to a story, of how to hold a complex narrative together—in progress,” critic Stephanie Zacharek wrote for Time. “That’s what makes this movie so effective, so occasionally troubling, and so alive. Gyllenhaal lets us ride the learning curve with her.”

When will ‘The Lost Daughter’ be released?


The Lost Daughter is set to have a limited theatrical release on December 17. Following this, the film will go over to Netflix on December 31.

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